Month: January 2016

There's no better cure than laughter

There’s no better cure than laughter

There is no better cure for a bad mood than laughter. Not just a little giggle, but side-splitting, drink-coming-out-of-your nose, hard-to-breath, tear falling laughter. It’s like having an emotional colonic. Cleans out all of the stuff and purifies the soul.

It’s hard not to feel better after a convulsion of hysterical laughter. I don’t know about you but it makes my mind and body feel re-freshed.  Like I am invicible and can take on anything that comes my way, any problem and however serious is long forgotten and all I feel is happy.

When I want to laugh like that, there are a couple of friends I always call. Within minutes, we can hardly speak because the tears are rolling, noses are running, and our breath is coming in short pants!

This week has been one of those weeks where a much needed ‘gin dinner’ as we girls call it has been required.  So on the spur of the moment of we set off to our favourite restaurant to have a few well deserved gin and tonics and a bite to eat.

After talking random rubbish (but important rubbish all the same), ample amounts of alcohol, not-very-clean-and-will-not-do-our-healthy-eating-any-good food and a boat load of laughter later we all departed, returning home feeling totally refreshed and restored.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes running and exercise work perfectly well, but sometimes a good side splitting laughter session with your closest friends is just what the doctor ordered.

Now although this isn’t a funny blog I hope it has you thinking…………….what is it that makes you feel refreshed and restored after a hard week or troublesome problem? Laughter or exercise?

And don’t you deserve what works for you more often so you feel more happy?

We would love to hear your views.

As ever thanks for reading, B x

amusing images

Amusing memories

Whether it be my children or my friends you can guarantee not a week goes by whereby someone has said something that has been highly amusing, humorous or at the very least memorable. Here are some of mine;

1. A son’s logic

Son: ‘Mummy can we have a rabbit’
Me: ‘No sorry darling I am allergic to them’

Son: ‘When you die can I have a rabbit?’
Me: ‘OooooooK…….yeah sure why not’

Problem solved although if you find me in the freezer and replaced by a rabbit you know whom the culprit is.

2. Intelligent little bean

When my daughter was about 3/4 we were at the doctor’s. The nurse was asking all the standard coordination type questions such as touch your nose, put your hands up etc. Being a healthy capable little sugar bean, she’s was doing everything fine.

Then, the nurse says, “stand on one foot.” My darling daughter looked at the nurse, looked down and hesitated.

She then walked over and stood on one of the nurse’s feet.

Hmmmm didn’t quiet see that one coming!

3. Popcorn and Cinema

One day whilst my daughter was at her friends birthday party I decided to take my son to the cinema as a treat. Please bare in mind he was no older than 3 years old.

Through half of the film I had held the box of popcorn between him and I. Then halfway through I moved it to sit on my lap thinking he would simply just reach over.

He did but quiet reach and before I could hand him the box he shouted at the top of his lungs ‘MORE COCKPORN MUMMY!’

My only thought was ‘Ground, open, please!’

4. Parents watch your language

Having strapped my son into his car seat and commenced down the road my 4 year old son (at the time) says ‘any dickheads on the road today mummy’.

5. Geography took a beating

In a conversation with my friend about our girls weekend.

Friend: ‘Right so I want to do a return flight to Nepal?’
Me: ‘Well you can go to Nepal in Asia but I am going to Naples in Italy so you can come there instead if you like?!’

What are your amusing memories?

Thanks for reading, B x

Women love kitchen gadgets

Women love gadgets

Now before you all start to complain that the title is a sexiest comment: I am a woman who likes kitchen gadgets, I have friends who like a good kitchen gadget – hence: Women love kitchen gadgets.

One of my many hobbies is cooking…..and using kitchen gadgets to be more specific.

Kitchen gadgets have become a must have item in my kitchen. Together with my nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and cook books that line two great big shelves in my kitchen, my kitchen gadgets are a necessity. They’re as integral to the cooking experience as pots and pans and to be honest I couldn’t live without some, namely the ‘rice cooker’.

My rice cooker is used 4 to 5 times per week easily, sometimes more. Without it I could quiet easily confess that my rice would taste awful, the fire alarm would be sounding every evening and I would have two very grumpy and disgusted children (and a burnt rice smelled house). It is the one ingredient I can not cook. Fact!

However with the aid of my rice cooker, I put one mug of rice to 1 1/2 mugs of water in it, close the lid, switch it on and within 15 minutes I have lovely fluffy rice and two happy children.

My other and less techy gadget is my garlic crusher…….this simply does what it says on the tin but with minimal handling of the garlic…..simplez.

In fact I am so fond of gadgets, that I and a close friend discuss in depth the latest cooking aid whether it be food processor, smoothie maker or juicer that guarantees no pulp every so often (we are women, we do this stuff :-)).

Which leads me to the title. Women love kitchen gadgets.

So what is your kitchen gadget that you can not live without? Do men also love a good kitchen gadget?

Lets hear your comments.

Thanks for reading. B x

How do you get your children to eat their veg?

How do you get your children to eat their veg?

Anyone with children will know that at some point getting your child(ren) to eat their veg can be somewhat of a tedious and traumatic experience and I don’t just mean for the child!

I was brought up with the Yorkshire attitude of ‘this is your dinner, eat it or starve’, so naturally after the third attempt of not eating my dinner and hearing my tummy make more noise than a brass band on an evening……..I ate what I was given.

This in return resulted (but not in such a harsh a manner as my parents had) in my children always being super brilliant at eating their vegetables…..Result!

Then came school….other children….and they acquired ‘opinions’…….oh no!

It took two full years of being in full time school before my eldest decided she wasn’t going to eat her vegetables and to be more specific a courgette based dish I had made for her a thousand times before, full of goodness and made with ‘mummy’s love’ from scratch – needless to say I was upset and frustrated.

Then a friend told me about this gadget called a vegetable spaghetti maker, so I tried it, I did the dish slightly different, instead of baking the sliced courgette with the sauce on top, I made the courgette into spaghetti and put the sauce on the top like you would spaghetti bolognaise. The result was great, not only did my eldest child eat it all…..they also asked for a second helping.

So this got me wondering…..what else do other parents do to make sure that their children are eating their veggies?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks for reading, B x


Should Bekki Eat Courgettes?

So here’s the dilemma, Bekki, our wonderful admin and social media manager has been writing a few blog posts lately and sending them out for the world to see. The problem is, I don’t think anyone is interested in what she has been writing….

… Whooaaa calm down, I’m not having a go or being harsh, I told her what to write so it’s my fault but once you see it out there for real its, well, kind of boring! We are Kitchens by Milestone, unless you’re a little slower than most you probably realised by that, we do kitchens aaaand, we’re called Milestone so if we blog about it every week we kind of become like water! Think about it..

Anyway during our latest board meeting (Coffee in Costa), I said we needed to drop the self promotion shi…rubbish and give people something interesting to read, about real life and relevant subjects such as latest kitchen gadgets, new designs and trends, best recipes (tried and tested) and even how to get the kids to eat veg? Which is where the headline came from. Apparently there’s a gadget that shreds courgettes, other vegetables are available, which I baulked at and thought was pointless but when slugs, I mean courgette is turned into spaghetti strands and the kids love it, go figure, now I won’t steal her thunder on the subject, but will sign of with this question, and I’d appreciate an answer below or this post is completely irrelevant!

Should Bekki eat courgettes or continue with the water?

PS Give us some ideas of things we could write about and we’ll try our best to keep you interested

Lots of Love

Michael x

Howden Kitchens in Sheffield

Howden Kitchens in Sheffield

We supply and install high quality Howden kitchens in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

For a modern kitchen look no further than the Greenwich Gloss Stone – contemporary kitchen from Howdens Joinery which can be professionally installed by Kitchens by Milestone.

Match this gloss stone slab door with chrome effect slope handles. Create a storage feature with extra tall glass wall units and wine racks.

These simple 15mm thick slab doors are available in a variety of colours from matt and wood grain finishes including white, ivory, cream, stone, grey and light oak.

Extra tall wall and tower units are available on selected cabinets in all ranges.

All Greenwich frontals and cabinets are manufactured in the UK, and all frontals have have FSC® certification.

The Greenwich Kitchen family comes in different styles; Greenwich White Smooth, Greenwich Ivory, Greenwich Stone, Greenwich Grey and Greenwich Light Oak.

Greenwich White Smooth

To create a modern look, combine a simple white slab door with a square edged worktop and slimline profile bar handles. Extra tall glass wall units provide a decorative feature as well as additional storage. Add stainless steel and black appliances to complete the look.

Create a traditional feel with glass and open wall units and pewter effect beehive handles. Add classic cornice and pilasters to complete the style.

Greenwich Ivory

Combine an ivory slab door with a light travertine tile and grey oak block effect worktop for a bright modern feel. An integrated extractor helps maintain the smooth lines and glass wall units add stylish storage.

Greenwich Stone

A matt stone slab door. For a contemporary look use white glass effect square edged worktop and stainless steel effect D handles. Combine glass wall units and half-height wall units with bespoke shelving, to create practical and stylish wall storage.

Create a traditional feel by combining this matt stone slab door with American pecan square edged worktop and matching flooring. Enhance the look with a bespoke dresser unit, using glass wall units, wine racks and nickel effect traditional T bar handles. Use internal storage drawers to maximise space.

Greenwich Grey †

A subtle matt grey slab door. To create a modern look use chrome effect square bar handles and extra tall wall units with bespoke shelving to maximise storage.

Complement with traditional features including a plate rack and wicker basket base unit.

Greenwich Light Oak

A light oak effect slab door which creates a modern look when using chrome effect angled bar handles. In order to maximise cupboard space, midi towers can be fitted with pull-out recycling bins.

Create a more traditional style with this light oak effect slab door, using glass wall units and nickel effect traditional T and drawer handles. Features also include wine racks and pilasters.

Note for all the above Greenwich Kitchens: 900mm extra tall wall units available on selected cabinets in this range. Framed decor cabinet options are not FSC certified.

To get a modern kitchen from Howdens installed in Sheffield and surrounding areas please contact Kitchens by Milestone to get your FREE quote.

Don’t forget for this month only (January 2016) we are now offering an amazing deal for 50% off installation, please visit our page for further information and follow the instructions to get your voucher.

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Kitchens in Sheffield

Kitchens in Sheffield

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to provide outstanding kitchens in and around the Sheffield area.

One of our trusted suppliers of high quality kitchens in Sheffield is Howdens.

As you can see from this video the Burford Ivory – contemporary kitchen from Howdens Joinery is an ivory shaker style door combined with a grey slate effect worktop and light grey oak flooring create a warm contemporary feel. Add pan drawers and extra tall units to create additional storage space.

The Burford Kitchens come in various colours and styles as described below;

Burford Ivory

An ivory shaker style door combined with a grey slate effect worktop and light grey oak flooring create a warm contemporary feel. Add pan drawers and extra tall units to create additional storage space.

Burford Cream

A warm cream shaker style door. Create a contemporary feel by mixing half-height wall units with wide pan drawers.

Create a stylish contrast with a solid oak block worktop and traditional pewter effect handles. Glass and open wall units provide decorative storage.

Burford White

A matt white shaker style door shown with nickel effect bar handles. Maximise your storage space with extra tall appliance towers and an extra tall larder unit.

Enhance the traditional features with open wall units, wicker baskets, wine racks and pewter effect handles. Add a Lamona white ceramic Belfast sink and solid beech block worktop to complete the look.

Burford Stone

The soft stone colour of this shaker style door is an alternative to cream. Combine with American pecan square edged worktop and matching flooring, and add practical storage with a run of hob wall units.

The elegant stone colour of this shaker style door works beautifully with the full-height glass wall units and plate rack to create a traditional look. Enhance the traditional features of this kitchen with a bespoke dresser unit and natural stone continuous tile flooring.

Burford Grey

A subtle matt grey shaker style door, shown with pewter effect cup handles. Feature units include wicker baskets, plate racks and wine racks.

Burford Light Oak

A light oak effect shaker style door combined with pewter effect beehive handles creates a traditional look. Feature pieces include pilasters, classic cornice and a plate rack.

Contact Kitchens by Milestone in Sheffield to make your dream kitchen a reality.