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Navy Kitchen Ideas

Navy Kitchen Ideas

Navy kitchen ideas that put style at the heart of your home: A navy blue kitchen might not be your first thought when deciding on a new colour scheme for the heart of your home, but think again, as the classically smart shade of blue can create a crisp and sophisticated look that works surprisingly well with a variety of combinations.

Navy blue commands attention, which is why it is best to let this shade do the talking and then back it up with more calming shades. The great news is that if you are seriously addicted to neutrals, heavy blue is the perfect foil to perk them up as they make a soothing and stylish base for this dramatic look. Choose just one shade of blue and one or two neutrals such as soft taupe or linen. The simplicity of this combo is its strength and it will lose impact if too many shades or accent colours come into play. If you must add an accent keep it tonal with stainless-steel appliances.

Alternatively, nothing makes navy blue stand out like bright white – they are the perfect combination for modern kitchens. Elegant, fresh and timeless, the contrast is instantly uplifting. Mix in warmer elements like natural wood to soften the strong effect. Or, for a more traditional farmhouse feel, team navy blue with cream and add plenty of rustic kitchen ideas touches such as a zinc-topped table and carved pine furniture.

For more traditional kitchen tastes, Shaker units become accentuated and high-end when painted in classic navy blue. If painting all cabinetry blue is a little daunting, why not go for one focal piece such as a dresser or kitchen island and tie the scheme together with navy kitchen tiles, a splashback or accessories. This is a tailored look perfect for those who love classic design.

For modern kitchen fans, navy blue can really pack a punch when used with clean-lined gloss cabinetry. Enhance the impact with red accents to take the look retro or pare it down with shades of grey or biscuit. If navy blue cabinets are too permanent, a quick coat of paint on a wall is the simplest and most cost effective way to add the tasteful shade to your kitchen for super chic results.

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White Kitchens

White Kitchens

White kitchens will always be best sellers, won’t ever date, and the choice of white cabinetry provides a crisp, smart look for your new modern kitchen.

Choosing a white kitchen could be the best decision you’ll ever make, kitchen-wise. White cabinetry is always a best-seller, and although white is sometimes considered to be a safe option where wall colour (or lack of it) is concerned, white cabinetry is a stylish and fashion-forward option.

For those who are maybe a little dubious about bright colours and exotic timbers, white kitchens can be accessorised with a host of colours, finishes and textures.  The usual design rules apply though, particularly where white is concerned. It’s generally acknowledged that a totally white colour scheme can look clinical, reminding us of an operating theatre rather than a warm, welcoming room that is the ‘heart of the home’.

Incorporate contrasting finishes, such as natural stone or hardwood flooring, which also have textural qualities to make glossy or matt white cabinetry all the more striking when sitting alongside. Many designers suggest timber, or timber-effect carcases, with just doors and door fronts in white, which is a very good compromise if you’re wary of a totally white scheme. Add colour with paint – choose from muted, subtle shades of grey, mauve and green for a white kitchen in a period home, or go for zingy orange, mustard and lime for a very contemporary look.

For a timeless look in the kitchen, opt for simple painted cabinetry and kitchen island finished in a subtle white.

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5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

Not everybody has the luxury of having a large kitchen. However, this does not mean that such an important room in your home should look cramped and claustrophobic. There are some simple measures you can take to make your kitchen look larger. Here are 5 tips from Milestone to help you achieve this…

1) Units: Your choice of units is one way that you can make your kitchen appear more spacious. Choosing doors in lighter colours can reflect the light and create an optical illusion, tricking the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is. Similarly, opting for units with a high gloss finish will have a similar effect. The handles for your units might not be something you have given much thought to and this is often one of the last decisions that people make when they are planning their kitchen. However, it is something that should be an important part of your decision-making process. By opting for handleless units, you will have a streamlined finish to your kitchen and the units will not look cluttered. This can contribute to the appearance of a larger kitchen.

2) Work Surfaces: Another simple trick is to choose worktops and units with rounded edges rather than a traditional square cut finish. This will maximise the space available in your kitchen. An added advantage if you have children is that there are no sharp corners for children to bump into. Choosing work surfaces that are similar in colour to the units is another clever way of creating a sense of space.

3) Integrated Appliances: The appliances in your kitchen will also make a significant difference to making a kitchen look bigger. Typically, integrated appliances will take up much less space in your kitchen than free-standing appliances. Those that are hidden by doors that match the other units in your kitchen will also create smooth, clean lines that draw the eye along the full length of the room looking for a place to rest. As a result, your brain is tricked into thinking that a kitchen is longer and has more depth.

4) Decluttering: A simple measure that you can take to make you kitchen appear larger regardless of its design is to declutter the room. Having a lot of gadgets out on your worktop and leaving piles of general clutter around your kitchen will automatically give the impression that your kitchen is much smaller. By clearing the work surfaces, the eye is deceived into believing that the work surfaces are longer and that the kitchen as a whole is much larger. To help keep your kitchen clutter-free, think carefully about storage solutions when you are designing your kitchen.

5) Mirrors: Adding mirrors is another simple and cheap way to make any room look bigger. The use of a mirror works in two ways. The first is that it makes the most of the natural light coming into a room. The second reason that a mirror works well is that opens up a small space if you choose a good position. The best places to put a mirror in the kitchen to create a deceptive sense of space are either directly opposite the door entering the room or facing a source of natural light.

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