Month: August 2016

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Although we love white gloss kitchens we’re very excited to see that dark kitchens are big in 2016! Painting your kitchen cabinets in a moody hue is an ideal way to create a cosy feel in a space that is often lacking in comfort. Plus it’s a great option for a quick and cost-effective kitchen update. A dramatic colour will make a bold statement, so make sure you pick your shade wisely. Here are a few of our favourite options…

Moody blue

Go for a blue hue, but make sure it’s got a deep, navy tone. This kitchen looks smart and sophisticated, whilst retaining a classic feel. The marble island unit creates a feeling of light and space and means the cabinetry doesn’t dominate too much.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Slate grey

A mid-toned grey is a great option. Dark enough to make a real style statement without feeling too heavy and oppressive. Here the walls and ceiling have been painted in the same tone, giving it a uniform look. Wooden furniture and neutral-coloured floor tiles add warmth.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Back to black

This strong cabinetry colour is dark, moody and oh-so trendy. The white walls add contrast and the chunky taps lend a contemporary feel.  The worktop is a similar colour to the cabinetry showing that sometimes two dark shades together can be complimentary.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

If you would like more inspiration please feel free to browse our blog or contact our team today for a free no obligation quotation.

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Milestone Kitchens Testimonials


I’m not sure if you have noticed, but we love testimonials.  Its how we know we are doing a great job.  Its how our team learns and improves and makes sure we are quiet simply the best in the industry.

That’s why we have compiled this testimonial montage for you to view and digest.

As always if you would like to discuss your requirements with our professional, skilled and experience team, give us a call.

Milestone – Consult | Design | Build | WOW

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Friendly, Trustworthy Builders in Sheffield

Friendly, Trustworthy Builders in Sheffield

‘Friendly, trustworthy builders in the heart of Sheffield’……….are some of the comments we have been hearing from our customers recently.

In today’s blog you can hear all about how wonderful our customer found the service we provided her, how she came to hear about Milestone and also and more importantly how she felt with the outcome of the project.

It’s great to hear that our team are……’very respectful and most of all tidy’. It proves that we truly care about your project, the service we deliver and the impact we have on your lives whilst we are delivering an outstanding house restoration whether that be in your kitchen, loft, basement, garage or throughout your home.

Also you can be sure that whilst your at work or out and about your home is in safe, experienced and trustworthy hands.

If you would like to work with a friendly, trustworthy builder in the heart of Sheffield then simply get in touch via the link below and don’t forget to check out our video!

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We Love Our Customers

We Love Our Customers

Quiet simply – We Love Our Customers! We love how they react to our projects upon completion.

Our team always ensure that a project is managed exceptionally well from start to finish.  Even the little aspects that some builders take for granted, like cleaning up each day, communication with the customer as well as completing on time and in budget is why time and time again Milestone customers come back to us.

From the outset we ensure regular communication and our customers vision are accomplished and where necessary add little touches that make the overall finish give the WOW factor.

We’re very unique in the communication field as we operate a project management online portal system which we give our customers access too.  This ensures that our customers can see the progress of their project as well as the budget, comments, notifications etc. This has proven to be highly successful with our customers as they feel they are in control of what is happening at any given time and also gives them the confidence that their project is progressing well throughout.

As well as this fabulous project management portal our customers can be sure that each and every day, the site/your home is left clean and tidy to avoid disruption to your lives as much as possible.

At the end of the day we want to enhance your life by creating a home you can be proud of with minimal disruption.

Still in doubt? Check out our recent video below or get in touch.

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Sheffield Kitchen Testimonial

Sheffield Kitchen Testimonial

We truly love what we do here at Milestone, so its great when we receive a testimonial from a kitchen we installed right here in Sheffield.

At the top of our list has always been and will always be customer satisfaction.  It is imperative that our customers receive the best service possible and to truly come away by saying that the service Milestone provided was simply amazing.

So when we approached numerous customers to ask if they would mind sparing some time in the busy schedule we were thoroughly overjoyed that they all accepted.

We know it happens, we’ve heard the ‘jungle drums’ drumming, but when our customers say that they heard about Milestone from a friend – we truly know that the continued service, craftsmanship and customer focus our team deliver is outstanding.

Over the next few days we will release these video’s for you to view, so why not take a look and check out today’s lovely testimonial.

For more information about our service check out our website or contact us directly

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Creating Outdoor Dining Area's in Sheffield

Creating Outdoor Dining Area’s in Sheffield

From cosy dining nooks to alfresco cooking spaces, there are plenty of ways in creating outdoor dining area’s to be proud of this summer in Sheffield.

We’re not talking about dusting off the BBQ and getting the rattan furniture out of the shed.  We’re talking about creating a dedicated outdoor dining area? It will give you much needed extra space, as well as smarten up the exterior of your home.

Dining area

Define zones in your garden by using an architectural device, such as a roof structure or obvious patio area. In most cases choosing the right furniture can help tie the look together.

Take it to the edge

When the weather is finally warm enough to throw open the French doors or slide back the bi-folding frames, why not take advantage of it. A simple trick, such as moving the kitchen table to the edge of the room will help create an indoor/outdoor (totally weatherproof) dining area with minimal effort.

Cook’s corner

Cooking in the garden has progressed from basic barbecues to full-scale outdoor kitchens. Why not have a specific cooking appliance built that can withstand the weather? Hang cooking utensils from racks and hooks fastened to the fence for a practical cooking solution.

There are many ways with which you can enhance your outdoor to indoor dining experiences.

Milestone can help enhance this experience by helping your dreams come reality by creating, building and providing you with an exceptional kitchen area with bi-fold doors which will help integrate your outdoor garden area with your kitchen.

Milestone are a local company to Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire providing bespoke and original building renovations, refurbishments plus much more.

If you require any further information or would like a FREE no obligation quotation please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

Kitchens have gone through a complete development within the last 100 years in Sheffield and around the world.

We have gone from those roaring days of the twenties to almost 100 years later to 2016 and some lucky few have seen this progress first hand.

For the rest of us, the extreme progression from 1920 to 2016 seems almost surreal and most take it for granted that the modern kitchen we see and love today happened overnight.

As previously mentioned it can be said that kitchens throughout the periods have developed drastically, the basic principles have stayed the same but the core function has changed. No longer is a kitchen just for purpose, kitchens of 2016 are now well and truly the heart of the home.

In terms of look, we don’t feel like there would have been much change since 2010, but from the 1920’s style we can definitely see some difference.

100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

The 1920’s kitchen… sinks were big, floors were tiled and cupboards were all of the same height.

Also as well as what we can see on the outside, the components inside have become far more advanced. With the development of hinges, drawers and lift systems. Kitchens are becoming a hub for new technology.

With all this in our minds, we wonder how  kitchens will look in the next 100 years… Going on the development of the last 100 years we think they could be more advanced.

Although Milestone haven’t been around for 100 years, we still understand, appreciate and strive to build, develop and craft that all important kitchen that meets our customers needs and provides the WOW factor.

As always if you would like a FREE no obligation quotation please ring our team or contact our team via the link below.

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Our kitchens are designed, developed, built and enhance our customers lives right here in Sheffield.

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