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Brighten a Dark Kitchen

Brighten a Dark Kitchen

If your in need of brightening your dark kitchen, we can help.  One of the greatest and most positive starts to a day is enjoying a coffee in your bright naturally lit kitchen.  However if your kitchen is dark due to not having any form of natural light or you are constantly turning on the light to see maybe it is time to look at your options.

Layout of Cabinets

If you are renewing your kitchen think about where to place the units.  Well placed units can give you great advantages for natural light especially if strategically placed so the light bounces off of them.

If you use french doors or full length windows, place the units away from this source, this will give you maximum light and flow through the kitchen.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large single wall whereby units can run along the length, this makes use of the rest of the room to add french doors and to bring the outdoors inside.

Harness a Garden

Make full potential of a single wall kitchen by ensuring all gadgetry and storage are selected so you do not notice the lack of cupboard space.  By using a single wall kitchen, as described above, this ensures that more windows and french doors can be used without the units blocking the view/access. Pale painted wall and decking/paving outside doors will complete the overall feel of creating the overall feel.


Use as much glass in the form of windows and large french doors or bifold doors as possible.  Include sky lights if necessary and don’t use glass with lead inserts as this will give a darker feel to a room.

Sky Searching

If you are fortunate to be able to have a single storey extension or are planning on building one, as mentioned previously, use sky lights or angled roof light to ensure maximum natural light floods the room.


Brighten a Dark Kitchen



One of the first permanent aspects of a kitchen and the largest light reflecting fixture is the flooring, therefore it is always essential to give this great consideration.  We would recommend using a low sheen floor for its light reflecting attributes and maintenance.  Try not to go for dark colours but flooring with a vein through them will give forgiveness for the odd piece of dirt between cleaning.

Pale Units

It’s not entirely rocket science but if you pick very dark units you will not get the overall look you want. Try white or a pale grey or pastel coloured unit to give that extra warmth and light reflection for the optimum effect.

Work the Worktop

We would recommend either installing a white worktop or to add some warmth to room, why not try natural wood thick work surfaces.  A light wood will give the warmth whilst keeping the room light and airy.

Splash out on Splashback

There are many products on the market from  tiles to PVC cladding, tile effect panelling and stainless steel panelling.  By choose the correct colour and effect will give you a great homely, warm and light feel to your new kitchen.

If you would like one of our expert design consultants to bring your dream kitchen to live, please contact our team today.

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Kitchen Extension Sheffield

Kitchen Extension Sheffield

If you are in the Sheffield area and are wondering where to start with a kitchen extension, Milestone have a few pointers to help you on your way;

Firstly you need to find a professional. One of the best ways to find an experienced designer, architect and builder is by asking family and friends who’s projects you have admired when visiting.

Check out the boards and signs that architects and builders put up outside a site whilst they are undertaking the works and check them out on social media, google and their website. Get a feel of the work they’ve undertaking, check out their testimonials and compile as much information as possible before you make a decision to commence your project with them.

Most industries have a professional body – search online and check their credentials out.  Also ask to see their current and valid insurance certifications.  You have every right to be sure you are dealing with a true professional whom truly cares about you and your project.

Make sure that when the said professional visits you in your home they are not too sales orientated, they listen, they discuss and most importantly they make you feel at ease in their presence.  This is an extremely good indicator as if they do none of these aspects how do you know you will get what you have paid for?

A good professional will not only listen to your specifications but they will advise you on certain aspects.  It’s a good indicator if they bring some idea’s to the ‘table’ and even give you idea’s that maybe even you haven’t thought of.  A true experienced trades person or professional will be able to advise you on not only the legalities of undertaking a project but also the little extra’s that will give a project the WOW factor.

As mentioned before, check out their social media, most successful professionals will be on all of the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name but a few, also search for them on YouTube, most give regular video updates on the site which gives you a clear indication that they actually care about the work they do and shows you what they can do.

If you would like to view testimonials go to our YouTube channel and check out our three recent videos

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Builders in Sheffield

Builders in Sheffield

Milestone builders have been a prominent feature in Sheffield for nearly 20 years.  Having developed the Milestone into a well respected, renowned and professional company with their customers, it was inevitable that word of mouth would spread.

As with most successful trade companies in the area, this way of advertising is invaluable.  The success of this advertising is due to the successful completion of a project as well as ensuring that throughout the project our customers needs, requirements and specifications were met along the way.

From the approach of a customer to the design consultation, quotation and beyond to the completion of a project, our customers are kept informed of the development of their project via our project management system which is specifically design to meet our customers needs.

With all our projects it is important to the team to ensure that whilst on site, specifically at a customers home, they ensure that they are respectful, polite and tidy whilst ensuring the job in hand is undertaken with the minimum of fuss and to our extremely high specification.

Not only do the team we work closely with our customers but we also work well with local authorities and when needed, our customers neighbours.  This liaison and communication is to ensure that all parties that could potentially be affected by the work undertaken are not disturbed or with minimal affect.

Milestone builders have successfully completed loft conversions, basement conversions, house extensions, kitchens and kitchen extensions as well as much more in the Sheffield and surrounding areas.

If you would like to book a design consultation today to discuss your requirements in more detail please either call or contact us via the button below whereby we will return your call. Don’t forget to check out our social media sites for information and useful videos.

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House Extension Sheffield

House Extension Sheffield

The most effective way to improve your home without moving out of the Sheffield area is by adding a house extension. It also adds to your standard of living and value of your home without the upheaval of moving as well as adding a modern or traditional style to your home.

Milestone is renowned for the work we undertake.  By using high quality materials as well as only using the best, experienced and qualified craftsmen in the industry, you can be sure that your project and home are in expert hands.

From the outset our team offer a fully insured, professional and bespoke service.  Regardless of your requirements we use our vast experience to ensure we create a kitchen or house extension using only quality materials and the finest workmanship.

The project from the word ‘go’ is project managed by our experienced and qualified staff.  Using our project management system you can check the progress of  your project at any time.

By using our experienced, qualified craftsmen and partners we take care of the transformation.  We take your initial idea, dreams and thoughts from just that to a design and then to reality making sure that even the small minor details are not missed in the process.  Making your Milestone experience second to none.

As specialist builders we are renowned for our original and innovative designs, therefore some materials we use are bespoke and specifically designed to meet our customers needs, therefore are unavailable to other contractors.

If you would like a quote from Milestone why not get in touch.  Don’t forget to check out our testimonials over on our YouTube channel.

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Howden Kitchens

Howden Kitchens

We have been installing Howden Kitchens throughout Yorkshire for over 15 years with great success and customer satisfaction.

Howden is the UK’s leading and largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens. With over 50 designs to choose from plus an extensive range of accessories, worktops and appliances we always find that there is a kitchen or accessory to meet our customers needs.

Their door styles include shaker, tongue and groove, integrated handle, slab doors and gloss and matt finishes.

Their cabinets are manufactured in their large factory in Howden and Runcorn and their cabinets come with a 25 year guarantee (excluding frontals) covering defects in the manufacturing process or raw materials.

Over the years we have had great success installing Howden’s kitchens within our customers homes.  They’ve come in various shapes, sizes and colours and all with their own specific detail or requirements. We have found Howden kitchens to be sturdy, robust, well made and have superb customer feedback upon completion of projects.

Obviously we don’t just fit Howden’s kitchens, but we have found that most of the customers request a Howden’s kitchen to be installed.

From the outset our experienced team will consult with you and design you a bespoke kitchen to meet your needs.  Upon approval of said design and quotation we will put in process an agreed start and completion date and get you up and running on our project management system so that at any given time you can see the development of your project.

What Milestone strive to achieve is customer satisfaction, therefore throughout the process we will ensure that you are happy and confident with the progress of your project, after all we need to ensure your new kitchen delivers the all important WOW factor!

If you would like a FREE no obligation design consultation and quotation please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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open plan kitchen in sheffield

Open Plan Kitchen in Sheffield

Our team of experienced craftsmen and women  have been working hard on an open plan kitchen in Sheffield over the last few weeks.

Our customer requested a sleek, modern yet homely open plan kitchen and dining area with integrated appliances and high gloss coloured tiling and work tops. As well as this specification our team installed new french doors to give the room more natural light and to integrate the garden with the home as much as possible.

Together with decoration and furniture the room was finished off with a log burning stove in the chimney breast to give a traditional feel.

We are really proud of the awesome job undertaken by all of our team and the feedback received from our customer.

If you like the look of this open plan kitchen in the Sheffield area and would like a free design consultation contact our team today.

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Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Every kitchen must have a dream kitchen must have item.  An item deemed by the owner to be a necessity, a ‘can’t live without’ item. Over the years we have had various different requests, so as we are so kind we have compiled a few which we thought may be of interest to you all;

Pot Filler: A pot filler is a tap above your hob/stove so you no longer need to carry jugs of water or large pans of pasta/water to the stove from the sink.

Walk in Pantry: A good place to store food, cook books, small appliances and seldom used crockery, however this does mean that you would have to have a large enough kitchen or a small but large enough under stairs cupboard to house this idea.

Hidden Sponge and Towel Rail: A hidden sponge cupboard/pull out section directly under the sink whereby you can hide your sponges seem to be a great hit with some customers not wanting to look at their unsightly sponges.  That said the famous hidden towel rail also seems to still be a popular must have item.

Integrated Appliances: These have been a must have since the 90’s.  The integration in your kitchen cabinets of fridge, freezers, wine coolers, cookers, plate warmers are still frequently requested.

Hidden Electrical Sockets: Having spent a large amount of money of tiling or covering with cladding or other material, why ruin the look by inserting a electrical socket into your splash back.  Some customers now request that their sockets be hidden underneath high wall mountable cabinets or within the cabinets themselves. On occasion pop up electrical sockets have also been requested for the super sleep and modern kitchen.

Large Cabinet Drawers and Roll Out Cupboards: It’s important to our customers to make use of every inch of their kitchen cabinets, that’s why we frequently install large drawers with integrated dish racks and cupboard roll outs.

Upper Cabinet Roll Outs: It’s an increasing request that the upper cabinets also have the roll out design so that small appliances like large mixers/toasters can be neatly stored away.  These obviously come with hidden electrical sockets for ease in use.

If you have a specific dream kitchen must have item that you want to share, please comment below, we would love to hear!

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Victorian homes in the spotlight

Victorian homes in the spotlight

Today, we’ve got Victorian homes in the spotlight as we share our top tips on how to add that wow-factor.

For a timeless feel stick to classic colours – much like you’d see in a farmhouse style kitchen. Once you’ve decided on materials and finishes for your cupboards and worktops, we recommend sticking to shades like grey, beige, duck egg blue and off-white.

Kitchen space found in Victorian properties

Victorian homes are usually spacious – The benefits of a victorian property are their significantly larger kitchens.  Therefore we would recommend installing a kitchen island to take advantage of this space as well as a breakfast bar in addition to a formal dining area. This will give lots of opportunity to entertain and also give a relaxed feeling as well as making the most of such a large space.

Traditional and modern kitchen elements

When updating your Victorian kitchen add modern elements whilst retaining the traditional features.  High gloss cabinets, work surfaces as well as wood for your furnishings are a few examples of what could bring your kitchen together.   High gloss surfaces also create a brighter, airy kitchen space too.

Modern touch with industrial features

If you are want to enhance your Vitorian home with a more masculine feel, try adding elements of an industrial trend.  Whilst we want preserve the unique style of your home, some of the things you may wish to consider are exposed bricks, industrial style lamps and materials like copper which could service to warm up an otherwise cold feature.

Natural light into the kitchen

Unlike new homes, a Victorian home have a tendency to lack natural light.  By having the right design expert, architect and builder involved in your project you could improve the flood of natural light by adding glass doors, new windows and skylights in strategically located places.

Modern appliances

By using modern and high tech appliances you can transform the functionality of your kitchen as well as bringing the old and new aspects of your Victorian kitchen together.

Kitchen design transformation

At Milestone we’ve worked with kitchens old and new.  If you’re tempted to modernise your Victorian kitchen, why not take a look at our website and testimonials.

How have you styled your Victorian kitchen? Share your kitchens style ideas and design inspiration with us in the comments below.

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