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Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

Remodelling your kitchen whether it is a lick of paint or a complete revamp can not only be a huge commitment but also a stressful affair, here we give you a few kitchen trends that may help with your decision making;

Your kitchen is the one place where you want to be really careful about trendy choices. The last thing you want is a kitchen that’s out of fashion in just a few years simply because you followed a trend.  Our advice would be to look at the trends in terms of the value they bring to your life and your home.
Here are some trends that are popular now, but have staying power because they address lifestyle needs, convenience, and savings — ensuring you’ll enjoy your kitchen for many years.

1. Love White? You Won’t Go Wrong

It’s hard to believe that white kitchens could get any more popular. But the preference for white cabinets continues to soar. Sixty-seven percent of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) members said that white is their top choice for cabinets.

Whirlpool’s White Ice collection, with its glass-like glossy sheen, is being hailed as the first appliance exterior to rival stainless steel.

White appliances are so much easier to keep clean than stainless, which smudges if you as much as look at it. Plus, the new icy look is simple, cool, and able to blend into transitional and contemporary styles.

And since stainless has filtered down to the masses, it no longer has that expensive and exclusive cache it once had. But white will always have staying power.

2. Want Color? Go for Neutral Gray

The popularity of sleek, sophisticated grey colour schemes is soaring. Seventy-one percent of NKBA designers said grey is the fastest-growing colour scheme for kitchens.

But grey can be tricky. In cold, cloudy climates, grey can appear frozen unless you use it on warm materials like wood cabinets, or pair it with hot colors likes reds and yellows. On the other hand, grey can appear pleasantly cool in sunny, hot climates — a breath of fresh air in heat and humidity. So while white kitchens are a safe bet, grey is neutral and close enough to white — to have staying power if you use it well.

3. Embrace Smaller Appliances

Small is big these days. Micro-living is taking off for millennials and retirees. Owners of multigenerational homes are installing tiny, secondary kitchens for returning adult children and elderly parents.

Typically, these micro-kitchens feature a two-burner cooktop, combo microwave/convection oven, 18-inch dishwasher, and 60-inch fridge or refrigerator drawer.

GE, in fact, is developing an entire kitchen the size of a 6-foot-wide chest of drawers. The unit is expensive — hey, small isn’t necessarily cheap — contains an induction cooktop, two ovens, a sink, a dishwasher, and two cooling drawers that can function as a fridge or freezer.

4. Choose Quartz Counters Over Granite

In 2013, quartz and granite almost tied in countertop popularity. But since 2014, the trend is definitely toward quartz.

“Consumers Reports” says quartz is the toughest countertop material, which resists scratches, burns, and chips. Crushed quartz stone is mixed with resin to produce countertops that range from solid colors to the look of real granite, but they’ll beat natural stone in toughness. It’s easy to maintain, and unlike granite, you don’t have to seal it annually to prevent stains.

5. Invest in LEDs

Ribbons of LEDs are showing up in the weirdest — and most wonderful — kitchen places: Along toe kicks as nightlights; on the inside of cabinet doors to show off grandma’s china; concealed in crown molding to wash ceilings with light.

LED rope or cove lights are gaining in popularity because:

  • LEDs come in a rainbow of colors, from bright to soft white, red, blue, and green.
  • You can get creative about where you install them.
  • LEDs emit virtually no heat, so you can keep them on forever without burning cabinets or walls.
  • LEDs are energy efficient, lasting 50,000 hours on average — five times longer than CFLs.

And they’re coming down in price, making them more affordable for the average homeowner than they were a few years ago.

6. Rethink Your Fridge

Refrigeration is no longer limited to a single, hulking unit. Homeowners are customising their cooling needs with “point of use” refrigeration, adding cool where they need it.

That could mean adding a counter-height produce fridge in your prep island, next to a wine cooler for the adults, and a juice fridge for the kids.

7. Install a Touch-Activated Tap

Touch-activated Taps are bursting out the fad category into the kitchen must-have column. In fact, in 2013 their popularity jumped to 30% from 20% the year before.

On the face of it, touch-activated seems a little gimmicky, and with prices starting around £300, it’s certainly a lot of money. But it’s great for those times when you’ve got dirty, chicken-goopy hands, and for those in your household who refuse to turn water on and off between tasks because it’s too much hassle. And as water becomes scarcer, anything that saves gallons will have value — and save you on your water bills.

8. Stick with Transitional Design

More than 60% of NKBA designers say contemporary, with its sleek simplicity, is the fastest-growing kitchen style.

Contemporary looks sleek and clean, but can also come across as cold. The design encourages a non-cluttered look, which can be hard to maintain in a busy home. So it’s better to hedge your bets with a transitional design, which combines contemporary and traditional to exploit the best parts of each.

9. Embrace Accessibility Because It’ll Make Your Life Easier

Aging in place is a big snore — until you get to that age when the right modifications will allow you to stay in your home. And since a large part of the population is reaching retirement age, accessibility finally is catching on — even with homeowners who aren’t intentionally seeking those features. Why? Because the designs make so much sense.

It’s not a trend that’s going away. The NKBA’s survey shows that 56% of designers specified accessible/universal design features in kitchens, and most believe they’ll add more and more features in the years to come.

Three here-to-stay trends:

  1. Side-opening ovens at counter height: You don’t have to reach up or bend down to fetch your turkey, just comfortably slide it out. It’s one of those slap-your-forehead tweaks that make cooking so much more ergonomic and accessible for everyone.
  2. Drawers with deep pockets: Base cabinets have evolved from back-bending storage for pots and pans to deep drawer space — typically 24 inches deep — that can hold just about everything in your kitchen.
  3. Microwave drawers: Just like the side-opening oven, by installing the microwave below counter height in a drawer, it’s easier for everyone to use. Just open it up put your food inside, close, and start it. That’s better than above-oven height, which has been the typical location for many years.

As always, thanks for reading, B x

A Kitchen Worktop with the WOW factor

A Kitchen Worktop with the WOW Factor

Finding a high quality kitchen worktop that not only is durable, resistant, solid but that look great and finishes your kitchen off with a ‘wow’ factor can seem like a daunting and tedious task, especially if it needs the requirements of a busy kitchen, family or the experienced chef.

Not only is performance and appearance important in a worktop, but it also needs to stand up to a variety of uses whilst complementing your kitchen frontal.

If you have read our blogs before you may be aware we have installed Howden kitchens for many years.  Their range of attractive and durable kitchens, accessories as well as worktops are of an outstanding quality.  In particular their laminates which are available in 38mm and 28mm thicknesses. The 38mm is available in a choice of gloss, matt, smooth and textured finishes and in bullnose and square edged profiles.

As Howden’s are such an amazing stockist/supplier of high quality kitchens, they also have a range of solid wood worktops which are available to create a premium finish for your kitchen in 40mm and 27mm thicknesses.

The majority of Howdens worktops are 616mm deep, which allows for a deeper overhang. The overall result is of an exceptional quality, workmanship and definitely gives the ‘wow’ factor.

And the added bonus of a Howden’s  worktop is that they come with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, they will happily replace any worktop promptly and without charge.

Obviously there are many worktops on the market but in our experience we have found Howden’s to be of a superior quality and performance.

As always if you would like a free no obligation Design Consultation with Michael or require further information please do not hesitate to give the team a ring on 0114 383 0529

Dust Bunnies and a Cleaning Fairy

Dust Bunnies and a Cleaning Fairy

Ever wondered how those dust bunnies get there so fast and if they really have killed the cleaning fairy?

None of us can get away from the fact that if you don’t clean your living quarters you will probably be accepted, no questions asked, onto one of those awful cleaning programmes such as ‘How Clean is Your House’.  And you can be certain that if you are accepted the half of your friends and family that still came round to your house prior to the broadcast will stop.

Its a certainty that every person who has a house/flat/mobile home – whatever you live in – will need to clean it, organise it and declutter their living quarters each week.  That is of cause unless you can afford a weekly cleaner to spring clean your house.

Now although I have debated getting a cleaner for some time so as to free up my time, if you are anything like me you will clean the house before the cleaner arrives, which completely defeats the objective.

I also have a bad habit whereby if I am annoyed or stressed/worried……I clean.  I don’t mean wash up and chuck Domestos around the toilet cleaning.  I mean hold onto your marigolds the woman is armed with cloths, green scrubbing pads, brillo pads, sprays, multi purpose cleaners, bleaches and god knows what else…….all in a view to scrub the situation out of my head.  I am one of those annoying people who actually likes to clean and thinks it is therapeutic.

In my mind an organised and clean house equates to an organised and clean mind.  I’m exactly the same with my email inbox.  I told you I was slightly strange 🙂

Nevertheless the one cleaning aid I have never and will never get along with is……a dishwasher.  I know I will probably get hung, drawn and quartered for this, but to my mind; a person can clean cutlery and crockery far far better than any electronic device made by man.

I had a dishwasher for two years when my daughter was first born.  I thought that it was a good purchase and would save me some time (like the cleaner scenario would). However what happened was that I ended up cleaning the pots that had already been cleaned.  So not only did I rinse them, stack them in the machine and set it off going, I then ended up cleaning most of them again when it had finished.  Needless to say when I moved I did not take it with me!

However my Dyson – now that is the best £300 I have ever paid! I have had it for nearly 6 years and it doesn’t owe me a penny.  It sucks as good as it did the first day I bought it and I can guarantee there aren’t many things you can say that about nowadays 🙂

Now I have bored you with my endless prattling and you have been brave enough to stick it out until the end…….let us know what your must have cleaning contraptions/gadgets and machines are that you simply can’t live without.

As always, thanks for reading, B x

Awesome Kitchen Trends for 2016

Awesome Kitchen Trends for 2016

Awesome kitchen trends for 2016: The kitchen is the heart and soul of a person’s home. It’s where family gathers for meals. It’s a place to socialize and entertain. It’s where pets beg for a taste of home cooking and youngsters do homework at the breakfast table. So no wonder today’s trends allow for functionality and style.

Neutral colors, especially white and grey, are this year’s hottest colors. They allow for making the kitchen seem larger and more open. Add splashes of color in the décor and have a kitchen that can be easily updated without having to paint the walls. These colors are timeless, making sure you enjoy your space over the years.

Custom cabinetry is also very important to those who spend a lot of time cooking up special recipes and storing the latest kitchen appliances. It’s not just the look of the cabinets (rustic, Shaker and farmhouse are top in the most popular designs), but their functionality. Open shelving allows one to display favorite dishes and makes it easy to find the most used dishes in the kitchen. While specialized drawers make it easy to organize smaller items, cabinets with Lazy Suzans in corners allow for more storage of larger items. Being able to take all the appliances off the counter top and hide with easy access when they are ready to be used is another growing trend. One can also add containers or extra drawers above your upper cabinets, and pullout shelving makes it easier to get to those things in the back. Built-in chopping blocks, roll-out trash bins and free-standing pantries are definitely in. Hiding everything while still having easy access is what this year’s trends are all about.

Quartz countertops are not only beautiful, but durable. These countertops are nonporous, resistant to heat and spills and scratches, making them a smart choice for families.

Eye-catching backsplashes can add a bit of “quirk” to the kitchen with all the options of colorful and decorated tile or stainless steel. Show your personality with amazing backsplashes.

Let’s not forget our furry four-legged friends as pet stations are becoming more and more popular. Use a bottom shelf to hide Fido’s dishes and simply pull it out when it’s feeding time. This gets those bowls off the floor and makes for an easy clean up.

Choose wood or tiles for your floors. Not only are these materials long-lasting, but have been very “in” over the last decade and probably here to stay. Reclaimed wood may add a rustic charm to your updated kitchen while tile can add a more contemporary touch.

Technology is important to our everyday world, so enjoy a smart kitchen with automated appliances, motion-activated lighting and a place to hold a tablet or phone while preparing dinner. Dishwashers can easily be blended into the cabinetry and contain the noise that is may be associated with them. Motion-activated faucets are all the new rage. Turn them out without touching the at all.

Let your character shine in your lovely kitchen this year by adding some of these functional tips. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbors as they ooh and aah over your new style!

Howden Kitchens in Sheffield

Howden Kitchens in Sheffield

We supply and install high quality Howden kitchens in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

For a modern kitchen look no further than the Greenwich Gloss Stone – contemporary kitchen from Howdens Joinery which can be professionally installed by Kitchens by Milestone.

Match this gloss stone slab door with chrome effect slope handles. Create a storage feature with extra tall glass wall units and wine racks.

These simple 15mm thick slab doors are available in a variety of colours from matt and wood grain finishes including white, ivory, cream, stone, grey and light oak.

Extra tall wall and tower units are available on selected cabinets in all ranges.

All Greenwich frontals and cabinets are manufactured in the UK, and all frontals have have FSC® certification.

The Greenwich Kitchen family comes in different styles; Greenwich White Smooth, Greenwich Ivory, Greenwich Stone, Greenwich Grey and Greenwich Light Oak.

Greenwich White Smooth

To create a modern look, combine a simple white slab door with a square edged worktop and slimline profile bar handles. Extra tall glass wall units provide a decorative feature as well as additional storage. Add stainless steel and black appliances to complete the look.

Create a traditional feel with glass and open wall units and pewter effect beehive handles. Add classic cornice and pilasters to complete the style.

Greenwich Ivory

Combine an ivory slab door with a light travertine tile and grey oak block effect worktop for a bright modern feel. An integrated extractor helps maintain the smooth lines and glass wall units add stylish storage.

Greenwich Stone

A matt stone slab door. For a contemporary look use white glass effect square edged worktop and stainless steel effect D handles. Combine glass wall units and half-height wall units with bespoke shelving, to create practical and stylish wall storage.

Create a traditional feel by combining this matt stone slab door with American pecan square edged worktop and matching flooring. Enhance the look with a bespoke dresser unit, using glass wall units, wine racks and nickel effect traditional T bar handles. Use internal storage drawers to maximise space.

Greenwich Grey †

A subtle matt grey slab door. To create a modern look use chrome effect square bar handles and extra tall wall units with bespoke shelving to maximise storage.

Complement with traditional features including a plate rack and wicker basket base unit.

Greenwich Light Oak

A light oak effect slab door which creates a modern look when using chrome effect angled bar handles. In order to maximise cupboard space, midi towers can be fitted with pull-out recycling bins.

Create a more traditional style with this light oak effect slab door, using glass wall units and nickel effect traditional T and drawer handles. Features also include wine racks and pilasters.

Note for all the above Greenwich Kitchens: 900mm extra tall wall units available on selected cabinets in this range. Framed decor cabinet options are not FSC certified.

To get a modern kitchen from Howdens installed in Sheffield and surrounding areas please contact Kitchens by Milestone to get your FREE quote.

Don’t forget for this month only (January 2016) we are now offering an amazing deal for 50% off installation, please visit our page for further information and follow the instructions to get your voucher.

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Kitchens in Sheffield

Kitchens in Sheffield

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to provide outstanding kitchens in and around the Sheffield area.

One of our trusted suppliers of high quality kitchens in Sheffield is Howdens.

As you can see from this video the Burford Ivory – contemporary kitchen from Howdens Joinery is an ivory shaker style door combined with a grey slate effect worktop and light grey oak flooring create a warm contemporary feel. Add pan drawers and extra tall units to create additional storage space.

The Burford Kitchens come in various colours and styles as described below;

Burford Ivory

An ivory shaker style door combined with a grey slate effect worktop and light grey oak flooring create a warm contemporary feel. Add pan drawers and extra tall units to create additional storage space.

Burford Cream

A warm cream shaker style door. Create a contemporary feel by mixing half-height wall units with wide pan drawers.

Create a stylish contrast with a solid oak block worktop and traditional pewter effect handles. Glass and open wall units provide decorative storage.

Burford White

A matt white shaker style door shown with nickel effect bar handles. Maximise your storage space with extra tall appliance towers and an extra tall larder unit.

Enhance the traditional features with open wall units, wicker baskets, wine racks and pewter effect handles. Add a Lamona white ceramic Belfast sink and solid beech block worktop to complete the look.

Burford Stone

The soft stone colour of this shaker style door is an alternative to cream. Combine with American pecan square edged worktop and matching flooring, and add practical storage with a run of hob wall units.

The elegant stone colour of this shaker style door works beautifully with the full-height glass wall units and plate rack to create a traditional look. Enhance the traditional features of this kitchen with a bespoke dresser unit and natural stone continuous tile flooring.

Burford Grey

A subtle matt grey shaker style door, shown with pewter effect cup handles. Feature units include wicker baskets, plate racks and wine racks.

Burford Light Oak

A light oak effect shaker style door combined with pewter effect beehive handles creates a traditional look. Feature pieces include pilasters, classic cornice and a plate rack.

Contact Kitchens by Milestone in Sheffield to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

This week has been exceedingly busy, our team of expert craftsmen have been all around the country working very hard to ensure all our customers dream kitchens are finished including this completed kitchen installation in the Sheffield area.

As you can see this is a very modern and compact kitchen proving that it is not only large knock through refurbishment kitchens that we undertake.

Our customer requested something modern, practical and attractive.  The clean lines, sleek appliances and not forgetting the ample storage give this small kitchen a practical feel due.  It is not often you see a kitchen with so much storage space, however as always, Kitchens by Milestone accomplish the specification set out by our customer.

As you can see we do not always do large kitchen/dining room conversions and extensions……sometimes great things come in small packages.  However regardless of your requirements our team of experts headed by the Founder and Director Michael Brett are more than willing to make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you have a small kitchen which needs a complete refurbishment and would like this or any other kitchen installed in the Sheffield or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our helpful team will look after you from start to finish.

Don’t forget to browse our blogs and useful information in our Latest News section where you will find a vat of information together with funny/amusing articles for your enjoyment.  And as always, tell us what you think, we love to hear peoples thoughts.

Also on our website you will find customer testimonials telling you how truly awesome we are……..check us out.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram so check out our profiles.

This kitchen installation in Sheffield was completed by Kitchens by Milestone in 2015.


Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Our current kitchen installation in Sheffield is a diner/knock through and refurbishment.

As you can see major renovation/refurbishment has been undertaken with the kitchen and flooring being installed this week together with two sets of grey folding doors.

Once the kitchen has been installed we will post more updates.

Watch this space!

Kitchens in Matlock

Kitchens in Matlock

Experienced craftsmen providing quality kitchens in Matlock and the surrounding areas.

Most kitchen companies in Matlock are feeling the heat, however Kitchens by Milestone have had the best year in 20 years.

As all of our customers will testify too, all our kitchens are of excellent craftsmanship with stunning finishes, making the kitchens in Matlock the best in the country.

We pride ourselves on our customer service skills, along with our experience to deliver outstanding kitchens in Matlock and the surrounding areas.

We spoke to the founder and owner, Michael about the success of such a wonderful trading year; “I think the reason we are seeing such a success is down to our customer service. We’ve built a renowned reputation for looking after our customers whilst offering the highest quality products and craftsmanship which results in dreams being made into reality!”

If you would like to speak to someone in our team to make your dream kitchen a reality please get in touch.

Making your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchens in Matlock

Kitchens in Chesterfield

Kitchens in Chesterfield

We provide quality kitchens in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

Whilst most kitchen companies in Chesterfield are feeling the heat, Kitchens by Milestone have had the best year in 20 years.

As all of our customers will testify too, all our kitchens are of excellent craftsmanship with stunning finishes, making the kitchens in Chesterfield the best in the country.

We pride ourselves on our customer service skills, along with our experience to deliver outstanding kitchens in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

We spoke to the founder and owner, Michael about the success of such a wonderful trading year; “I think the reason we are seeing such a success is down to our customer service. We’ve built a renowned reputation for looking after our customers whilst offering the highest quality products and craftsmanship which results in dreams being made into reality!”

If you would like to speak to someone in our team to make your dream kitchen a reality please get in touch.

Making your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchens in Chesterfield