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St Giles Primary School, New Forest Classroom

St Giles Primary School, New Forest Classroom

For those that don’t know, I love to keep busy, so when I’m not “doing kitchens” I need to entertain myself in other ways, and as I’m rubbish at sports and suffer terrible hangovers, the hobbies that filled my youth have long gone. These days I’m more at home wrestling (being beaten up) with my 3 daughters or out in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us here in Matlock. But even a big child like myself needs some mental stimulation and to act like a grown up from time to time, hence I became a school governor at St Giles Primary Matlock. I get a lot from this role and learning new things everyday.

The best part without a doubt, since being actively involved at St Giles Primary, is the revolution that’s going on right now with the schools exciting and inspiring move to incorporate Outdoor Learning as a major part in the education and development of its pupils. The school grounds we have at St Giles are incredible and diverse, with fields, woodland, pond, stream, conservation area, to name a few, but they have never been developed. Until now! Under the excellent leadership and guidance of the new Head Teacher, Mrs Forster and the support of the governing body and DDAT, St Giles Primary School has a new distinctive and exclusive vision for the overall happiness, well being and motivation of it’s pupils, staff and all stakeholders, by taking full advantage of our natural surroundings. In turn this ethos of creating a happy, safe and exciting learning environment for pupils, coupled with the excellent improvements within school and brilliant teaching can only lead to a great well rounded education for every single child at school

Phase 1 of the Outdoor Learning Project was to develop our on site woodland to create a woodland classroom and nature trail for the pupils. Watch the before and after video of the St giles primary school development

A few parents and children came together over the weekend to take on the task of cutting back all the trees and shrubs, clearing rubbish, creating paths and stores for the children to use in their future lessons. This is only the beginning of something special happening at St Giles Primary School, Matlock, and I for one am really excited about the coming months as this long awaited project becomes a reality, plus who doesn’t love playing in the woods, getting dirty and watching the children enjoy learning!!

If you would like to know more about whats going on or come and take a look around St Giles Primary School and see for yourself what the school has to offer, leave us a message below or contact school on 01629 56813 or Email

You can also get our info brochure here
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See you on Phase 2 – The Conservation Area!


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Should Bekki Eat Courgettes?

So here’s the dilemma, Bekki, our wonderful admin and social media manager has been writing a few blog posts lately and sending them out for the world to see. The problem is, I don’t think anyone is interested in what she has been writing….

… Whooaaa calm down, I’m not having a go or being harsh, I told her what to write so it’s my fault but once you see it out there for real its, well, kind of boring! We are Kitchens by Milestone, unless you’re a little slower than most you probably realised by that, we do kitchens aaaand, we’re called Milestone so if we blog about it every week we kind of become like water! Think about it..

Anyway during our latest board meeting (Coffee in Costa), I said we needed to drop the self promotion shi…rubbish and give people something interesting to read, about real life and relevant subjects such as latest kitchen gadgets, new designs and trends, best recipes (tried and tested) and even how to get the kids to eat veg? Which is where the headline came from. Apparently there’s a gadget that shreds courgettes, other vegetables are available, which I baulked at and thought was pointless but when slugs, I mean courgette is turned into spaghetti strands and the kids love it, go figure, now I won’t steal her thunder on the subject, but will sign of with this question, and I’d appreciate an answer below or this post is completely irrelevant!

Should Bekki eat courgettes or continue with the water?

PS Give us some ideas of things we could write about and we’ll try our best to keep you interested

Lots of Love

Michael x