100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

Kitchens have gone through a complete development within the last 100 years in Sheffield and around the world.

We have gone from those roaring days of the twenties to almost 100 years later to 2016 and some lucky few have seen this progress first hand.

For the rest of us, the extreme progression from 1920 to 2016 seems almost surreal and most take it for granted that the modern kitchen we see and love today happened overnight.

As previously mentioned it can be said that kitchens throughout the periods have developed drastically, the basic principles have stayed the same but the core function has changed. No longer is a kitchen just for purpose, kitchens of 2016 are now well and truly the heart of the home.

In terms of look, we don’t feel like there would have been much change since 2010, but from the 1920’s style we can definitely see some difference.

100 Years of Kitchen Development in Sheffield

The 1920’s kitchen… sinks were big, floors were tiled and cupboards were all of the same height.

Also as well as what we can see on the outside, the components inside have become far more advanced. With the development of hinges, drawers and lift systems. Kitchens are becoming a hub for new technology.

With all this in our minds, we wonder how  kitchens will look in the next 100 years… Going on the development of the last 100 years we think they could be more advanced.

Although Milestone haven’t been around for 100 years, we still understand, appreciate and strive to build, develop and craft that all important kitchen that meets our customers needs and provides the WOW factor.

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