Brighten a Dark Kitchen

Brighten a Dark Kitchen

If your in need of brightening your dark kitchen, we can help.  One of the greatest and most positive starts to a day is enjoying a coffee in your bright naturally lit kitchen.  However if your kitchen is dark due to not having any form of natural light or you are constantly turning on the light to see maybe it is time to look at your options.

Layout of Cabinets

If you are renewing your kitchen think about where to place the units.  Well placed units can give you great advantages for natural light especially if strategically placed so the light bounces off of them.

If you use french doors or full length windows, place the units away from this source, this will give you maximum light and flow through the kitchen.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large single wall whereby units can run along the length, this makes use of the rest of the room to add french doors and to bring the outdoors inside.

Harness a Garden

Make full potential of a single wall kitchen by ensuring all gadgetry and storage are selected so you do not notice the lack of cupboard space.  By using a single wall kitchen, as described above, this ensures that more windows and french doors can be used without the units blocking the view/access. Pale painted wall and decking/paving outside doors will complete the overall feel of creating the overall feel.


Use as much glass in the form of windows and large french doors or bifold doors as possible.  Include sky lights if necessary and don’t use glass with lead inserts as this will give a darker feel to a room.

Sky Searching

If you are fortunate to be able to have a single storey extension or are planning on building one, as mentioned previously, use sky lights or angled roof light to ensure maximum natural light floods the room.


Brighten a Dark Kitchen



One of the first permanent aspects of a kitchen and the largest light reflecting fixture is the flooring, therefore it is always essential to give this great consideration.  We would recommend using a low sheen floor for its light reflecting attributes and maintenance.  Try not to go for dark colours but flooring with a vein through them will give forgiveness for the odd piece of dirt between cleaning.

Pale Units

It’s not entirely rocket science but if you pick very dark units you will not get the overall look you want. Try white or a pale grey or pastel coloured unit to give that extra warmth and light reflection for the optimum effect.

Work the Worktop

We would recommend either installing a white worktop or to add some warmth to room, why not try natural wood thick work surfaces.  A light wood will give the warmth whilst keeping the room light and airy.

Splash out on Splashback

There are many products on the market from  tiles to PVC cladding, tile effect panelling and stainless steel panelling.  By choose the correct colour and effect will give you a great homely, warm and light feel to your new kitchen.

If you would like one of our expert design consultants to bring your dream kitchen to live, please contact our team today.

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