Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Every kitchen must have a dream kitchen must have item.  An item deemed by the owner to be a necessity, a ‘can’t live without’ item. Over the years we have had various different requests, so as we are so kind we have compiled a few which we thought may be of interest to you all;

Pot Filler: A pot filler is a tap above your hob/stove so you no longer need to carry jugs of water or large pans of pasta/water to the stove from the sink.

Walk in Pantry: A good place to store food, cook books, small appliances and seldom used crockery, however this does mean that you would have to have a large enough kitchen or a small but large enough under stairs cupboard to house this idea.

Hidden Sponge and Towel Rail: A hidden sponge cupboard/pull out section directly under the sink whereby you can hide your sponges seem to be a great hit with some customers not wanting to look at their unsightly sponges.  That said the famous hidden towel rail also seems to still be a popular must have item.

Integrated Appliances: These have been a must have since the 90’s.  The integration in your kitchen cabinets of fridge, freezers, wine coolers, cookers, plate warmers are still frequently requested.

Hidden Electrical Sockets: Having spent a large amount of money of tiling or covering with cladding or other material, why ruin the look by inserting a electrical socket into your splash back.  Some customers now request that their sockets be hidden underneath high wall mountable cabinets or within the cabinets themselves. On occasion pop up electrical sockets have also been requested for the super sleep and modern kitchen.

Large Cabinet Drawers and Roll Out Cupboards: It’s important to our customers to make use of every inch of their kitchen cabinets, that’s why we frequently install large drawers with integrated dish racks and cupboard roll outs.

Upper Cabinet Roll Outs: It’s an increasing request that the upper cabinets also have the roll out design so that small appliances like large mixers/toasters can be neatly stored away.  These obviously come with hidden electrical sockets for ease in use.

If you have a specific dream kitchen must have item that you want to share, please comment below, we would love to hear!

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