How do you get your children to eat their veg?

How do you get your children to eat their veg?

Anyone with children will know that at some point getting your child(ren) to eat their veg can be somewhat of a tedious and traumatic experience and I don’t just mean for the child!

I was brought up with the Yorkshire attitude of ‘this is your dinner, eat it or starve’, so naturally after the third attempt of not eating my dinner and hearing my tummy make more noise than a brass band on an evening……..I ate what I was given.

This in return resulted (but not in such a harsh a manner as my parents had) in my children always being super brilliant at eating their vegetables…..Result!

Then came school….other children….and they acquired ‘opinions’…….oh no!

It took two full years of being in full time school before my eldest decided she wasn’t going to eat her vegetables and to be more specific a courgette based dish I had made for her a thousand times before, full of goodness and made with ‘mummy’s love’ from scratch – needless to say I was upset and frustrated.

Then a friend told me about this gadget called a vegetable spaghetti maker, so I tried it, I did the dish slightly different, instead of baking the sliced courgette with the sauce on top, I made the courgette into spaghetti and put the sauce on the top like you would spaghetti bolognaise. The result was great, not only did my eldest child eat it all…..they also asked for a second helping.

So this got me wondering…..what else do other parents do to make sure that their children are eating their veggies?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks for reading, B x

Bekki Holden

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