Men are like Twitter

Men are like Twitter

Firstly can I point out I have a loving Father, Brother and Son in my life and since I was 20 I have always worked in a male orientated environment. Yet be that as it may I STILL think that this phrase is applicable…….Men are like Twitter.

What I mean by this is if you are wanting them to pay attention to what you are saying, remember a specific date, event, your likes, your dislikes……whatever it may be you have to keep it to 140 characters or less.

Basically and in a nut shell, keep it precise, keep it relevant and more importantly keep to the point.

As much as there are people out there whom say women and men are the same…..they are not.

For instance me and my girlfriends can talk and talk and talk some more. Whether it be in depth, trivial, funny or upsetting…..whatever it is we can talk until we can talk no more. Even if it is a joke, you can guarantee a woman will extend that joke so long that it becomes an ebook. We can talk about the fact that men don’t like talking until the cows come home. That is how much even the quietest of women, despite their rebuttals… to talk. Its who we are, it is what we do. It is not nagging or prattling on about nothing, what we talk about is relevant, it is relevant to us hence why we talk.

My friends that are boys/men (note I don’t call them boyfriends) are different, when I talk to them I keep to the point and if I forget myself they remind me to get to the ‘cliff notes’. Don’t get me wrong they are not being disrespectful, but to a man they just want what is relevant and if necessary the points so whereby they can resolve, laugh or make any suggestion based on the ‘cliff notes’ given. They don’t want the detailed run down of what went off, who did what, what happened next and whom said what. At the end of the day have you seen a man read Jane Austen……NO. They don’t want to know why Elizabeth hated Mr Darcy at first, they don’t want to know why she thought he was proud and how he was prejudice of her. They don’t care about the romantic liaison beforehand, all they need to know is how it ended, they can figure out all the rest from the title.

My point being, when talking to a man, be like Twitter and keep it to 140 characters or less. Don’t go round the outskirts of Sheffield to get to the city centre, it is pointless. Get to the point, be direct and hopefully if you’ve given them the precise ‘cliff notes’ they will note what you have said and act accordingly. It saves so much time and effort.

If you want a beautiful new kitchen, keep it to 140 characters and in a language he’ll understand. For instance; ‘You’ll get better cooked meals!’,  ‘There’ll be storage to hide all the stuff.’,  ‘Loads of room for the beer!’, ‘Gadgets to play with!’ This way you’ll have a very agreeable partner and an easy route to your dream kitchen!

Do you agree? Is this what you have experienced?

Let us know your thoughts.

As always thanks for reading, B x

Bekki Holden

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