Victorian homes in the spotlight

Victorian homes in the spotlight

Today, we’ve got Victorian homes in the spotlight as we share our top tips on how to add that wow-factor.

For a timeless feel stick to classic colours – much like you’d see in a farmhouse style kitchen. Once you’ve decided on materials and finishes for your cupboards and worktops, we recommend sticking to shades like grey, beige, duck egg blue and off-white.

Kitchen space found in Victorian properties

Victorian homes are usually spacious – The benefits of a victorian property are their significantly larger kitchens.  Therefore we would recommend installing a kitchen island to take advantage of this space as well as a breakfast bar in addition to a formal dining area. This will give lots of opportunity to entertain and also give a relaxed feeling as well as making the most of such a large space.

Traditional and modern kitchen elements

When updating your Victorian kitchen add modern elements whilst retaining the traditional features.  High gloss cabinets, work surfaces as well as wood for your furnishings are a few examples of what could bring your kitchen together.   High gloss surfaces also create a brighter, airy kitchen space too.

Modern touch with industrial features

If you are want to enhance your Vitorian home with a more masculine feel, try adding elements of an industrial trend.  Whilst we want preserve the unique style of your home, some of the things you may wish to consider are exposed bricks, industrial style lamps and materials like copper which could service to warm up an otherwise cold feature.

Natural light into the kitchen

Unlike new homes, a Victorian home have a tendency to lack natural light.  By having the right design expert, architect and builder involved in your project you could improve the flood of natural light by adding glass doors, new windows and skylights in strategically located places.

Modern appliances

By using modern and high tech appliances you can transform the functionality of your kitchen as well as bringing the old and new aspects of your Victorian kitchen together.

Kitchen design transformation

At Milestone we’ve worked with kitchens old and new.  If you’re tempted to modernise your Victorian kitchen, why not take a look at our website and testimonials.

How have you styled your Victorian kitchen? Share your kitchens style ideas and design inspiration with us in the comments below.

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