Women love kitchen gadgets

Women love gadgets

Now before you all start to complain that the title is a sexiest comment: I am a woman who likes kitchen gadgets, I have friends who like a good kitchen gadget – hence: Women love kitchen gadgets.

One of my many hobbies is cooking…..and using kitchen gadgets to be more specific.

Kitchen gadgets have become a must have item in my kitchen. Together with my nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and cook books that line two great big shelves in my kitchen, my kitchen gadgets are a necessity. They’re as integral to the cooking experience as pots and pans and to be honest I couldn’t live without some, namely the ‘rice cooker’.

My rice cooker is used 4 to 5 times per week easily, sometimes more. Without it I could quiet easily confess that my rice would taste awful, the fire alarm would be sounding every evening and I would have two very grumpy and disgusted children (and a burnt rice smelled house). It is the one ingredient I can not cook. Fact!

However with the aid of my rice cooker, I put one mug of rice to 1 1/2 mugs of water in it, close the lid, switch it on and within 15 minutes I have lovely fluffy rice and two happy children.

My other and less techy gadget is my garlic crusher…….this simply does what it says on the tin but with minimal handling of the garlic…..simplez.

In fact I am so fond of gadgets, that I and a close friend discuss in depth the latest cooking aid whether it be food processor, smoothie maker or juicer that guarantees no pulp every so often (we are women, we do this stuff :-)).

Which leads me to the title. Women love kitchen gadgets.

So what is your kitchen gadget that you can not live without? Do men also love a good kitchen gadget?

Lets hear your comments.

Thanks for reading. B x

Bekki Holden

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