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Awesome Kitchen Trends for 2016

Awesome Kitchen Trends for 2016

Awesome kitchen trends for 2016: The kitchen is the heart and soul of a person’s home. It’s where family gathers for meals. It’s a place to socialize and entertain. It’s where pets beg for a taste of home cooking and youngsters do homework at the breakfast table. So no wonder today’s trends allow for functionality and style.

Neutral colors, especially white and grey, are this year’s hottest colors. They allow for making the kitchen seem larger and more open. Add splashes of color in the décor and have a kitchen that can be easily updated without having to paint the walls. These colors are timeless, making sure you enjoy your space over the years.

Custom cabinetry is also very important to those who spend a lot of time cooking up special recipes and storing the latest kitchen appliances. It’s not just the look of the cabinets (rustic, Shaker and farmhouse are top in the most popular designs), but their functionality. Open shelving allows one to display favorite dishes and makes it easy to find the most used dishes in the kitchen. While specialized drawers make it easy to organize smaller items, cabinets with Lazy Suzans in corners allow for more storage of larger items. Being able to take all the appliances off the counter top and hide with easy access when they are ready to be used is another growing trend. One can also add containers or extra drawers above your upper cabinets, and pullout shelving makes it easier to get to those things in the back. Built-in chopping blocks, roll-out trash bins and free-standing pantries are definitely in. Hiding everything while still having easy access is what this year’s trends are all about.

Quartz countertops are not only beautiful, but durable. These countertops are nonporous, resistant to heat and spills and scratches, making them a smart choice for families.

Eye-catching backsplashes can add a bit of “quirk” to the kitchen with all the options of colorful and decorated tile or stainless steel. Show your personality with amazing backsplashes.

Let’s not forget our furry four-legged friends as pet stations are becoming more and more popular. Use a bottom shelf to hide Fido’s dishes and simply pull it out when it’s feeding time. This gets those bowls off the floor and makes for an easy clean up.

Choose wood or tiles for your floors. Not only are these materials long-lasting, but have been very “in” over the last decade and probably here to stay. Reclaimed wood may add a rustic charm to your updated kitchen while tile can add a more contemporary touch.

Technology is important to our everyday world, so enjoy a smart kitchen with automated appliances, motion-activated lighting and a place to hold a tablet or phone while preparing dinner. Dishwashers can easily be blended into the cabinetry and contain the noise that is may be associated with them. Motion-activated faucets are all the new rage. Turn them out without touching the at all.

Let your character shine in your lovely kitchen this year by adding some of these functional tips. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbors as they ooh and aah over your new style!

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

This week has been exceedingly busy, our team of expert craftsmen have been all around the country working very hard to ensure all our customers dream kitchens are finished including this completed kitchen installation in the Sheffield area.

As you can see this is a very modern and compact kitchen proving that it is not only large knock through refurbishment kitchens that we undertake.

Our customer requested something modern, practical and attractive.  The clean lines, sleek appliances and not forgetting the ample storage give this small kitchen a practical feel due.  It is not often you see a kitchen with so much storage space, however as always, Kitchens by Milestone accomplish the specification set out by our customer.

As you can see we do not always do large kitchen/dining room conversions and extensions……sometimes great things come in small packages.  However regardless of your requirements our team of experts headed by the Founder and Director Michael Brett are more than willing to make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you have a small kitchen which needs a complete refurbishment and would like this or any other kitchen installed in the Sheffield or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our helpful team will look after you from start to finish.

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This kitchen installation in Sheffield was completed by Kitchens by Milestone in 2015.