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L Shape Kitchens Sheffield

L Shape Kitchens Sheffield

With limited space in most Sheffield kitchens, the traditional L shape kitchen never ceases to be a success.

This style of kitchen gives an occupant maximum storage space whilst utilising the area with which it occupies. From contemporary, traditional, inset fireplace stoves to the minimalistic – the choice can be whatever you want it to be.

Milestone has designed and created many L shape kitchens within the Sheffield and surrounding areas due to the size and style of the properties in the area.

We’ve had great success with these styles of kitchens and whilst some customers have required a single storey house extensions, many have simply utilised the space they already have or they have converted the basement into an amazing L shaped kitchen that gives the home owner all the requirements they need.

From Belfast sinks, stainless steel splashbacks and appliances, glass front cupboards, marble worktops, skylights and bespoke lighting – the list of requirements has been endless. But regardless, Milestone love utilising their experiences to meet the needs of their customers.

If you would like a bespoke design consultation with one of our team, please contact us today for more information and to book an appointment.

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Open Plan Kitchen and Diner in Sheffield

Open Plan Kitchen and Diner in Sheffield

This week we’ve commenced work on an open plan kitchen and diner in the Sheffield area.

The scope of work is to knock through from the existing kitchen into the dining room resulting in a vast open plan space that all the family can enjoy daily and entertain friends.

In the coming weeks we will update with regular video’s and pictures showing how the open plan kitchen and diner in the Sheffield area is progressing.

We will soon start knocking the supporting wall, install supporting steel framework, block up doors, install french doors to integrate the garden and living area together as well as installing new LED lighting, plastering, full kitchen and finally the decoration.

Our team of experienced craftsmen will be working to the architectures drawing ensuring the end result gives our customer the ultimate WOW factor!

As always our team work with our customer to ensure minimum disruption is made to their life whilst work is being carried at as well as working within strict health and safety guidelines.

If you would like to know more about our services or would like a free design consultation please get in touch.

Milestone: Consult, Design, Build, WOW

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Kitchens by Milestone in Sheffield

Kitchens by Milestone in Sheffield

Bring the family together with open plan living and transform your home with a kitchen by Milestone Interior Developments.

An open plan kitchen can be a great asset to a busy family, a growing family or simply to add more space when socialising with friends and family.

From an initial design, quote, 3D drawings to completion of the project you will find the whole process easy and customer focused.

Check our introductory video to Milestone Interior Developments.

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Kitchen Renovations in Sheffield

Kitchen Renovations in Sheffield

It’s not just large kitchen renovations in the Sheffield area that we at Milestone undertake, we also provide the WOW factor for small kitchens too.

Our team of experienced craftsmen and women have undertaken kitchen renovations both large and small in the Sheffield area for over 20 years with amazing success, providing customer satisfaction and the all important WOW factor.

Check out our video of a kitchen renovation in Sheffield from start to completion of the project together with detailed planning, 3D drawings and still pictures of progression.

If you are interested in our kitchen design renovations, get in touch with our wonderful team.

Milestone – Taking Pride in Your Home

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