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Kitchen Extension Sheffield

Kitchen Extension Sheffield

If you are in the Sheffield area and are wondering where to start with a kitchen extension, Milestone have a few pointers to help you on your way;

Firstly you need to find a professional. One of the best ways to find an experienced designer, architect and builder is by asking family and friends who’s projects you have admired when visiting.

Check out the boards and signs that architects and builders put up outside a site whilst they are undertaking the works and check them out on social media, google and their website. Get a feel of the work they’ve undertaking, check out their testimonials and compile as much information as possible before you make a decision to commence your project with them.

Most industries have a professional body – search online and check their credentials out.  Also ask to see their current and valid insurance certifications.  You have every right to be sure you are dealing with a true professional whom truly cares about you and your project.

Make sure that when the said professional visits you in your home they are not too sales orientated, they listen, they discuss and most importantly they make you feel at ease in their presence.  This is an extremely good indicator as if they do none of these aspects how do you know you will get what you have paid for?

A good professional will not only listen to your specifications but they will advise you on certain aspects.  It’s a good indicator if they bring some idea’s to the ‘table’ and even give you idea’s that maybe even you haven’t thought of.  A true experienced trades person or professional will be able to advise you on not only the legalities of undertaking a project but also the little extra’s that will give a project the WOW factor.

As mentioned before, check out their social media, most successful professionals will be on all of the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name but a few, also search for them on YouTube, most give regular video updates on the site which gives you a clear indication that they actually care about the work they do and shows you what they can do.

If you would like to view testimonials go to our YouTube channel and check out our three recent videos

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Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide: Whether or not you freely admit to it or not everyone at some point in their lives does a thorough spring clean of their homes – or if you’re super posh and not a tight Yorkshireman you’ll employ a Cleaner to undertake the mammoth task.

However if you are a tight Yorkshireman, slightly thrifty or simply love cleaning we have compiled a few pointers that should help you on your way to a beautiful sparkling home;

  1. Load up your dishwasher.  But not with dishes but with glass light fixtures, toothbrush holders and various toys.  Put it on a gentle cycle and skip the heated dry and detergent.
  2. Wash your windows on a cloudy day: If you try to clean windows on a sunny day the cleaner you use will dry onto the windows before you have managed to wipe it off, therefore you’re best to clean windows on a cloudy day or only clean windows that are not in direct sunlight. Use vertical strokes on one side of the window and horizontal strokes on the other side of the window, so if you see a smear you will know which side of the window needs the attention – therefore saving you time.
  3. However unlike the above, do your dusting on a sunny day – dust always appears in the most unusual places when a stream of sunlight hits it.
  4. Double up on doormats; Have one outside and one inside.  Make sure you clean them regularly so the can productively collect the dirt by hosing outside mats and vacuuming indoor mats
  5. Dust the forgotten places like curtains and lampshades.  Place curtains in a dryer for 10 minutes on a air only cycle to get rid of dust.  Alternatively if you can machine wash put them in the washer and then hang out on the line immediately so that the crinkles will drop out with the weight of the curtain thus avoiding too much ironing to be done.  With lampshades simply attack them with a lint roller.
  6. Pet hair on upholstery and curtains; scrap the lint roller for a simple pair of rubber gloves.  Simply put them on, dampen them and collect the fuzz.
  7. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to pay attention to the thing under the sheets. Press firmly with your vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools to clean the sides.Then, spot-clean stains with upholstery cleaner or mild suds. After spraying, let dry, then sanitise with a disinfectant spray like Lysol or Dettol.
  8. Kitchen grime is a mix of dust and grease.  Make sure the extractor fan is on every time you cook to keep away grease and regularly clean all doors, cabinets, work surfaces and handles with a good strong detergent.
  9. To make stainless steel truly sparkle and remove finger marks, rub a small amount of baby oil onto it and use a dry soft cloth and work with the grain
  10. Clean your cleaners.  Make sure filters are cleaned, bags/buckets are regularly emptied and wiped clean with a damp cloth and any threads caught in the vacuum head are removed.
  11. Dig into grout, mix 3/4 cup of bleach with a litre of warm water, get a old toothbrush and a pair of rubber gloves and start scrubbing.  Be careful not to get the liquid on clothes and upholstery as it will discolour them
  12. With a cap full of flash in a small bucket of water clean all tiles in your bathroom and kitchen and watch them sparkle plus your rooms will smell lovely

Do you have any more useful spring cleaning tips that you would like to share – if so get in touch, we would love to hear them.

As always, thanks for reading.

What food do you turn to when poorly?

What food do you turn to when poorly?

What food do you turn to when poorly? I love homemade soup or homemade chunky chips. I think it’s because it takes me back to my childhood when my grandma would come round with a bottle of Lucazade (the proper stuff in a glass bottle with orange cellophane wrapped around it) and watch Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks or Grease with me.  My mum would make soup or chips and we would sit in front of the tv wrapped in my duvet, dosed up on medicine, stinking of Vicks and I would feel completely pampered and loved.

When my children are ill I do the same for them, after all it is a mothers right to want to ‘molly coddle’ our children for as long as possible isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong they have to be properly poorly – sniffles and a runny nose just won’t cut it.

After recent weeks of my children having scarlet fever, bad colds (mens equivalent is man flu I believe), bumped heads which has resulted in concussion to name but a few (they say it comes in 3’s but I am on number 5!) I feel like I should have shares in Lucazade, Vicks and Calpol with the amount purchased of late.

However comfort food has remained top on the list, homemade chicken soup, tomato soup and (when they got better enough to eat properly) homemade chips curtesy of their granny – have all be consumed.

And all the love, attention and ‘molly coddling’ has worked – they are now fit and healthy playing football, swimming, violin and all the other activities they so love.  Which is exactly how I love to see them.

Ironically, I now have the blasted flu; I type armed with a vat of Lucazade and chicken soup curtesy of my mum on the hob, looking like Olive off of the 1970’s TV programme ‘On The Buses’ stinking of Vicks and nodding (to sleep) like the Churchill dog.

So my question to you all; what is your comfort food and comfort place to be when you are ill??

I hope everyone is in good health, stay positive and thanks for reading, B x

How to buy a fridge-freezer

How to buy a fridge-freezer


How to buy a fridge-freezer: Below is a list of things you need to consider before you buy a fridge-freezer;

How much space do you have?

One of the first things to think about is the space that it will take up in your kitchen. An extra-wide American-style models are definitely big is beautiful, and come in two different layouts.

  • Side by Side (SxS) models consist of a tall fridge on one side and a freezer on the other; these are popular since you don’t always have to bend down to reach for things in the freezer,
  • DxD (Door and Drawer) designs are increasingly becoming popular. They have a fridge at the top, with two French doors opening onto wide shelves that can accommodate platters of food. The freezer is located in drawers below, where it’s easy to see what’s stored inside.

But while American-style fridge-freezers look amazing and can be packed with food and drink, not everyone has room for one in their kitchen.

With an upright fridge-freezer of around 60cm wide, you can still take advantage of the latest features and technology, just in a smaller size.

You might also want to consider an integrated appliance, which will blend in well but may offer fewer functions than freestanding models.

Always consider the following;

  • Make sure you consider the capacity split between the fridge and freezer when choosing.
  • If you like to cook from scratch every night with fresh ingredients, look for a big fridge. Prefer to bake in batches or are you a sucker for three-for-two offers? Then prioritise freezer space. A total capacity of 260ltr is adequate for most households.
  • Think about the location: Make sure you have good ventilation for any stand-alone appliance, or else the compressor will work overtime, creating a build up of frost. If you are investing in a machine with an ice and water dispenser, be aware that it needs to be connected to a water supply. Most will need to be plumbed into the mains, which may result in extra installation costs and can limit where you put your appliance. You’ll also need to change the water filter regularly. However, models like LG’s GWL227HHXV American-style fridge freezer have their own refillable water tanks.
  • Energy Rating American-style fridge freezers guzzle more power than your average 60cm-wide appliance, so energy efficiency is all the more important. Go for at least an A+ rating to keep bills down.
  • No frost/frost free prohibits icy build-ups that can steal away freezer space and means there’s no need for defrosting.
  • Humidity-controlled crisper prevents cucumbers from going soggy or drying out by keeping them at a higher humidity than the main fridge. This is also helped by…
  • Twin cooling systems that keep the airflow in the fridge and freezer separate.
  • Cool zone preserve meat and dairy more effectively by keeping it close to 0°C, as opposed to the 2-5°C of the main fridge.
  • Fast freeze activate after a trip to the supermarket or batch cooking session to lock in the moisture and flavour of fresh food.
  • Fast cool Quickly chills freshly prepared desserts, or wine, lager and other drinks for a party.
  • Holiday mode Keeps your freezer running, but saves energy either by switching off the fridge completely, or raising its temperature to around 14°C so that eggs, butter, etc stay fresh.
  • Inverter compressor where some fridge-freezers have just one power level, inverter models have several, so if you only open their door for a second or two, they’ll use the lowest power level to cool it – in other words, the appliance never uses more energy than it needs to. They’re quieter than regular compressors, too.
  • Safe and sound glass shelves are more hygienic and easier to clean than wire racks, and for ultimate hygiene, fridges with anti-bacterial linings use silver to kill germs witout harming the food itself.
  • Transparent freezer drawers allow you to see what is stored without opening the drawer, increasing energy efficiency.
  • Even temperature hot air rises so foods in the fridge should be stored accordingly. An airflow system does away with guess workby circulating cold air around the cavity, maintaining an even temperature throughout.
  • Beverage doorlet access milk and drinks via a mini flap in the fridge door.

Why do fridge freezers need safe disposal?
Refrigeration equipment contains ozone depleting substances (ODSs) and CFCs that are harmful to the environment and these must be professionally removed before the item can be scrapped or recycled.
How can I dispose of my fridge freezer?
Many manufacturers will now collect your old appliance when they come to deliver your new one. Alternatively, take your fridge freezer to a recycling centre, or contact your local authority to come and collect it. There are also independent companies that offer disposal services of harmful waste.

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Childhood Food Experiences

Childhood Food Experiences

Memories of family cooking and childhood food experiences aren’t all rosy and nostalgic. Our experiences with food as we grow up shape all our preferences, including our strong, can’t-change-’em, never-shake-’em food avoidances.

What were your worst childhood memories and experiences of food? Anything that scarred you so bad you won’t eat it to this day? Or have you overcome all of your childhood food loathings?

My childhood avoidance was fairly cliché: Bananas are the devils food.  The whole texture, taste and smell of this loathsome fruit repulses me.  My trainer and physiotherapist encourage me every time I see them to eat them as a good source of fuel blah blah blah…………but NO! I will not have it.  Don’t get me wrong, because of their wholesome, nutritious goodness I have tried time and time again to eat them only to spit it out and hug the glass of wine as a deserving prize for trying.

When I was 18 and in the summer before I started university I worked in a chicken factory for two days and a mushroom factory for a day.  The chicken factory was horrendous, disturbing and afterwards I refused to eat poultry for 6 months due to the experience…….however Christmas came and so did the smell of dinner cooking, especially the Turkey, and I caved tucking in like I had never eaten a piece of poultry before in my life.

My dear friend is another who can not abide sweetcorn. If it is on pizza, in a  tuna pasta dish, in a sandwich – whatever it is in or on she can not eat it and will pick it out a piece at a time until all remanence of sweetcorn are removed. Like my experience with bananas she can not even stand the smell.

What about you? What are your worst childhood memories of food or personal dislike?\

As always, thanks for reading, B x

Dust Bunnies and a Cleaning Fairy

Dust Bunnies and a Cleaning Fairy

Ever wondered how those dust bunnies get there so fast and if they really have killed the cleaning fairy?

None of us can get away from the fact that if you don’t clean your living quarters you will probably be accepted, no questions asked, onto one of those awful cleaning programmes such as ‘How Clean is Your House’.  And you can be certain that if you are accepted the half of your friends and family that still came round to your house prior to the broadcast will stop.

Its a certainty that every person who has a house/flat/mobile home – whatever you live in – will need to clean it, organise it and declutter their living quarters each week.  That is of cause unless you can afford a weekly cleaner to spring clean your house.

Now although I have debated getting a cleaner for some time so as to free up my time, if you are anything like me you will clean the house before the cleaner arrives, which completely defeats the objective.

I also have a bad habit whereby if I am annoyed or stressed/worried……I clean.  I don’t mean wash up and chuck Domestos around the toilet cleaning.  I mean hold onto your marigolds the woman is armed with cloths, green scrubbing pads, brillo pads, sprays, multi purpose cleaners, bleaches and god knows what else…….all in a view to scrub the situation out of my head.  I am one of those annoying people who actually likes to clean and thinks it is therapeutic.

In my mind an organised and clean house equates to an organised and clean mind.  I’m exactly the same with my email inbox.  I told you I was slightly strange 🙂

Nevertheless the one cleaning aid I have never and will never get along with is……a dishwasher.  I know I will probably get hung, drawn and quartered for this, but to my mind; a person can clean cutlery and crockery far far better than any electronic device made by man.

I had a dishwasher for two years when my daughter was first born.  I thought that it was a good purchase and would save me some time (like the cleaner scenario would). However what happened was that I ended up cleaning the pots that had already been cleaned.  So not only did I rinse them, stack them in the machine and set it off going, I then ended up cleaning most of them again when it had finished.  Needless to say when I moved I did not take it with me!

However my Dyson – now that is the best £300 I have ever paid! I have had it for nearly 6 years and it doesn’t owe me a penny.  It sucks as good as it did the first day I bought it and I can guarantee there aren’t many things you can say that about nowadays 🙂

Now I have bored you with my endless prattling and you have been brave enough to stick it out until the end…….let us know what your must have cleaning contraptions/gadgets and machines are that you simply can’t live without.

As always, thanks for reading, B x

Women love kitchen gadgets

Women love gadgets

Now before you all start to complain that the title is a sexiest comment: I am a woman who likes kitchen gadgets, I have friends who like a good kitchen gadget – hence: Women love kitchen gadgets.

One of my many hobbies is cooking…..and using kitchen gadgets to be more specific.

Kitchen gadgets have become a must have item in my kitchen. Together with my nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and cook books that line two great big shelves in my kitchen, my kitchen gadgets are a necessity. They’re as integral to the cooking experience as pots and pans and to be honest I couldn’t live without some, namely the ‘rice cooker’.

My rice cooker is used 4 to 5 times per week easily, sometimes more. Without it I could quiet easily confess that my rice would taste awful, the fire alarm would be sounding every evening and I would have two very grumpy and disgusted children (and a burnt rice smelled house). It is the one ingredient I can not cook. Fact!

However with the aid of my rice cooker, I put one mug of rice to 1 1/2 mugs of water in it, close the lid, switch it on and within 15 minutes I have lovely fluffy rice and two happy children.

My other and less techy gadget is my garlic crusher…….this simply does what it says on the tin but with minimal handling of the garlic…..simplez.

In fact I am so fond of gadgets, that I and a close friend discuss in depth the latest cooking aid whether it be food processor, smoothie maker or juicer that guarantees no pulp every so often (we are women, we do this stuff :-)).

Which leads me to the title. Women love kitchen gadgets.

So what is your kitchen gadget that you can not live without? Do men also love a good kitchen gadget?

Lets hear your comments.

Thanks for reading. B x

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

This week has been exceedingly busy, our team of expert craftsmen have been all around the country working very hard to ensure all our customers dream kitchens are finished including this completed kitchen installation in the Sheffield area.

As you can see this is a very modern and compact kitchen proving that it is not only large knock through refurbishment kitchens that we undertake.

Our customer requested something modern, practical and attractive.  The clean lines, sleek appliances and not forgetting the ample storage give this small kitchen a practical feel due.  It is not often you see a kitchen with so much storage space, however as always, Kitchens by Milestone accomplish the specification set out by our customer.

As you can see we do not always do large kitchen/dining room conversions and extensions……sometimes great things come in small packages.  However regardless of your requirements our team of experts headed by the Founder and Director Michael Brett are more than willing to make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you have a small kitchen which needs a complete refurbishment and would like this or any other kitchen installed in the Sheffield or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our helpful team will look after you from start to finish.

Don’t forget to browse our blogs and useful information in our Latest News section where you will find a vat of information together with funny/amusing articles for your enjoyment.  And as always, tell us what you think, we love to hear peoples thoughts.

Also on our website you will find customer testimonials telling you how truly awesome we are……..check us out.

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This kitchen installation in Sheffield was completed by Kitchens by Milestone in 2015.


Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Kitchen Installation in Sheffield

Our current kitchen installation in Sheffield is a diner/knock through and refurbishment.

As you can see major renovation/refurbishment has been undertaken with the kitchen and flooring being installed this week together with two sets of grey folding doors.

Once the kitchen has been installed we will post more updates.

Watch this space!