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timber framed extension in sheffield

Timber Framed Extension in Sheffield

This timber framed extension in Sheffield has been an absolute joy to work on over the last month or so.

Our team were given a list of requirements, criteria and idea’s from our customer on the overall look which was to be achieved.

From the start our team worked with our customer to deliver a bespoke small timber framed extension.

To accomplish this our team knocked through a large area to the rear of the property and built a timber framed extension to create a truly wonderful, light and vast area for our customer to enjoy with their family.

The result has created a stunning open plan kitchen, dining and living area.  With a beautiful, high quality, traditional fitted kitchen with ample work space and storage, deep coloured practical units, solid wood shelving, white tiles and high gloss work surfaces the overall feel and look of the kitchen is effortlessly stunning and homely.

After working with our expert suppliers we were able to install aluminium folding doors and a feature window which were custom made to our requirements. Together with cedar wood cladding and white rendering our team accomplished an extension which has an overall timeless and elegant feel.

The amount of features that this project has had installed to create this bespoke extension are vast. Not forgetting the smaller details like flooring, internal and external lighting, coving, feature picture rail – all ensure that the new extension is in keeping with the existing house and therefore only adds to the value of the property due to the amount of detail and workmanship undertaken from construction to completion.

As you can see we still have some finer details to undertake but we couldn’t be more happier with the outcome of the work our team have done.

If you would like a free no obligation quotation or would like to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch.

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Trustworthy & Polite Builders in Sheffield

Trustworthy & Polite Builders in Sheffield

It’s official…..Milestone are trustworthy and polite builders in Sheffield.

On this project we initially converted and extended a loft to accommodate the customers expanding needs. Not only were they greatly impressed by our flexibility to work in difficult circumstances and recommended Milestone to several of their acquaintances but they also had our team back to install their kitchen!

They were impressed by the value for money, the trust they were able to give to our team, the fact that the price did not change and also that our team kept them informed but they were polite and friendly at all times.

Both complete projects took their breath away resulting in another happy and satisfied customer.

Check out this recent video to hear more.

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Bespoke Kitchens in Sheffield

Bespoke Kitchens in Sheffield

We are an experienced team whom have a vast amount of experience designing and creating bespoke kitchens in the Sheffield and surrounding areas.

From heated flooring, marble work tops, mood lighting, integrated media systems to bifold doors and roof lighting.  There is nothing our team haven’t been asked to install……including a sunken wine cellar!

Our team will consult with you from the outset to understand and visualises your dreams, your requirements and most of all to exceed these expectations!

We will then go away and design your dream kitchen, bespoke to your requirements.  Once you have agreed the design we will commence forming a programme of works together and then the fun truly begins!

If you would like our team of experts to design and create you a bespoke kitchen that meets your needs, requirements and most importantly dreams(!) then get in touch today.

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open plan kitchen in sheffield

Open Plan Kitchen in Sheffield

Our team of experienced craftsmen and women  have been working hard on an open plan kitchen in Sheffield over the last few weeks.

Our customer requested a sleek, modern yet homely open plan kitchen and dining area with integrated appliances and high gloss coloured tiling and work tops. As well as this specification our team installed new french doors to give the room more natural light and to integrate the garden with the home as much as possible.

Together with decoration and furniture the room was finished off with a log burning stove in the chimney breast to give a traditional feel.

We are really proud of the awesome job undertaken by all of our team and the feedback received from our customer.

If you like the look of this open plan kitchen in the Sheffield area and would like a free design consultation contact our team today.

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Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Dream Kitchen Must Have Items

Every kitchen must have a dream kitchen must have item.  An item deemed by the owner to be a necessity, a ‘can’t live without’ item. Over the years we have had various different requests, so as we are so kind we have compiled a few which we thought may be of interest to you all;

Pot Filler: A pot filler is a tap above your hob/stove so you no longer need to carry jugs of water or large pans of pasta/water to the stove from the sink.

Walk in Pantry: A good place to store food, cook books, small appliances and seldom used crockery, however this does mean that you would have to have a large enough kitchen or a small but large enough under stairs cupboard to house this idea.

Hidden Sponge and Towel Rail: A hidden sponge cupboard/pull out section directly under the sink whereby you can hide your sponges seem to be a great hit with some customers not wanting to look at their unsightly sponges.  That said the famous hidden towel rail also seems to still be a popular must have item.

Integrated Appliances: These have been a must have since the 90’s.  The integration in your kitchen cabinets of fridge, freezers, wine coolers, cookers, plate warmers are still frequently requested.

Hidden Electrical Sockets: Having spent a large amount of money of tiling or covering with cladding or other material, why ruin the look by inserting a electrical socket into your splash back.  Some customers now request that their sockets be hidden underneath high wall mountable cabinets or within the cabinets themselves. On occasion pop up electrical sockets have also been requested for the super sleep and modern kitchen.

Large Cabinet Drawers and Roll Out Cupboards: It’s important to our customers to make use of every inch of their kitchen cabinets, that’s why we frequently install large drawers with integrated dish racks and cupboard roll outs.

Upper Cabinet Roll Outs: It’s an increasing request that the upper cabinets also have the roll out design so that small appliances like large mixers/toasters can be neatly stored away.  These obviously come with hidden electrical sockets for ease in use.

If you have a specific dream kitchen must have item that you want to share, please comment below, we would love to hear!

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Victorian homes in the spotlight

Victorian homes in the spotlight

Today, we’ve got Victorian homes in the spotlight as we share our top tips on how to add that wow-factor.

For a timeless feel stick to classic colours – much like you’d see in a farmhouse style kitchen. Once you’ve decided on materials and finishes for your cupboards and worktops, we recommend sticking to shades like grey, beige, duck egg blue and off-white.

Kitchen space found in Victorian properties

Victorian homes are usually spacious – The benefits of a victorian property are their significantly larger kitchens.  Therefore we would recommend installing a kitchen island to take advantage of this space as well as a breakfast bar in addition to a formal dining area. This will give lots of opportunity to entertain and also give a relaxed feeling as well as making the most of such a large space.

Traditional and modern kitchen elements

When updating your Victorian kitchen add modern elements whilst retaining the traditional features.  High gloss cabinets, work surfaces as well as wood for your furnishings are a few examples of what could bring your kitchen together.   High gloss surfaces also create a brighter, airy kitchen space too.

Modern touch with industrial features

If you are want to enhance your Vitorian home with a more masculine feel, try adding elements of an industrial trend.  Whilst we want preserve the unique style of your home, some of the things you may wish to consider are exposed bricks, industrial style lamps and materials like copper which could service to warm up an otherwise cold feature.

Natural light into the kitchen

Unlike new homes, a Victorian home have a tendency to lack natural light.  By having the right design expert, architect and builder involved in your project you could improve the flood of natural light by adding glass doors, new windows and skylights in strategically located places.

Modern appliances

By using modern and high tech appliances you can transform the functionality of your kitchen as well as bringing the old and new aspects of your Victorian kitchen together.

Kitchen design transformation

At Milestone we’ve worked with kitchens old and new.  If you’re tempted to modernise your Victorian kitchen, why not take a look at our website and testimonials.

How have you styled your Victorian kitchen? Share your kitchens style ideas and design inspiration with us in the comments below.

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Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Although we love white gloss kitchens we’re very excited to see that dark kitchens are big in 2016! Painting your kitchen cabinets in a moody hue is an ideal way to create a cosy feel in a space that is often lacking in comfort. Plus it’s a great option for a quick and cost-effective kitchen update. A dramatic colour will make a bold statement, so make sure you pick your shade wisely. Here are a few of our favourite options…

Moody blue

Go for a blue hue, but make sure it’s got a deep, navy tone. This kitchen looks smart and sophisticated, whilst retaining a classic feel. The marble island unit creates a feeling of light and space and means the cabinetry doesn’t dominate too much.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Slate grey

A mid-toned grey is a great option. Dark enough to make a real style statement without feeling too heavy and oppressive. Here the walls and ceiling have been painted in the same tone, giving it a uniform look. Wooden furniture and neutral-coloured floor tiles add warmth.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Back to black

This strong cabinetry colour is dark, moody and oh-so trendy. The white walls add contrast and the chunky taps lend a contemporary feel.  The worktop is a similar colour to the cabinetry showing that sometimes two dark shades together can be complimentary.

Love Dark Kitchen Cabinets

If you would like more inspiration please feel free to browse our blog or contact our team today for a free no obligation quotation.

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Kitchen Renovations in Sheffield

Kitchen Renovations in Sheffield

It’s not just large kitchen renovations in the Sheffield area that we at Milestone undertake, we also provide the WOW factor for small kitchens too.

Our team of experienced craftsmen and women have undertaken kitchen renovations both large and small in the Sheffield area for over 20 years with amazing success, providing customer satisfaction and the all important WOW factor.

Check out our video of a kitchen renovation in Sheffield from start to completion of the project together with detailed planning, 3D drawings and still pictures of progression.

If you are interested in our kitchen design renovations, get in touch with our wonderful team.

Milestone – Taking Pride in Your Home

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Striving to meet and exceed your expectations

Striving to meet and exceed your expectations

Our team always strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations.

From the initial interaction, booking your design, the design consultation, receiving your quote, arranging the commencement of works, construction, right the way through to the finished kitchen, our team of experts are with you all the way.

Contact our team for more information or to book a design with our experts.

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A Kitchen Worktop with the WOW factor

A Kitchen Worktop with the WOW Factor

Finding a high quality kitchen worktop that not only is durable, resistant, solid but that look great and finishes your kitchen off with a ‘wow’ factor can seem like a daunting and tedious task, especially if it needs the requirements of a busy kitchen, family or the experienced chef.

Not only is performance and appearance important in a worktop, but it also needs to stand up to a variety of uses whilst complementing your kitchen frontal.

If you have read our blogs before you may be aware we have installed Howden kitchens for many years.  Their range of attractive and durable kitchens, accessories as well as worktops are of an outstanding quality.  In particular their laminates which are available in 38mm and 28mm thicknesses. The 38mm is available in a choice of gloss, matt, smooth and textured finishes and in bullnose and square edged profiles.

As Howden’s are such an amazing stockist/supplier of high quality kitchens, they also have a range of solid wood worktops which are available to create a premium finish for your kitchen in 40mm and 27mm thicknesses.

The majority of Howdens worktops are 616mm deep, which allows for a deeper overhang. The overall result is of an exceptional quality, workmanship and definitely gives the ‘wow’ factor.

And the added bonus of a Howden’s  worktop is that they come with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, they will happily replace any worktop promptly and without charge.

Obviously there are many worktops on the market but in our experience we have found Howden’s to be of a superior quality and performance.

As always if you would like a free no obligation Design Consultation with Michael or require further information please do not hesitate to give the team a ring on 0114 383 0529